Steve Beckow – Need We Worry About Censorship? – 17 November 2011

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I’ve been asked to comment on the various censorship bills before Congress. Censorship of the Internet is something that none of us would want, to be sure. And vigilance against censorship is very desirable. But at the same time, I’d also like to suggest that we can go about being vigilant without fear.

I think it’s desirable that we act “as if” measures like censorship bills are a threat while knowing that they are not. To do so builds courage and may have the cabal surrender sooner. But we don’t need to take any action out of fear and I don’t think we need worry about the long-term outcome.

Matthew Ward has said, and I think his is a true statement: “During the months ahead, all unjust laws will be stricken and proposed laws with dark intent will not go into effect.” (1)  I think there is no possibility that the Company of Light would allow anything like Internet censorship to take place, except perhaps if doing that for a brief period made a useful point.

Just yesterday (Nov. 16, 2011),  SaLuSa told us:

“[The Illuminati] already know that we have the ability and the divine authority to remove them, and there is no escape from the responsibility for the crimes they have committed. When they accept their situation we expect them to capitulate and stand down. However, we feel that they are sufficiently naive to believe they can fool us, but there is no hiding place as we will always know exactly where they are to be found.


“So there is in reality nothing to fear or worry about as we have control over all matters, and at present simply wait for our opportunity to register our first success.” (2)

For good measure, he added that “as we have often pointed out recently, the Light is now the supreme force and it will continue transmuting the lower energies. (3)

I said in an earlier article (4) that I believed what was happening was two-fold. First, the cabal built a mammoth national-security organization employing tens of thousands of people, whose job it was to produce sophisticated weaponry, crowd control devices, surveillance mechanisms, even legislation.  Much of those devices have come online and I think the cabal is convinced that, if they don’t make use of them now, they may never be able to.

Any of those devices that have the power to seriously harm, I believe the Company of Light would disarm, but I’m not absolutely certain of that.  There is much blood being shed in Syria and I fear that more blood may be shed in Iran and Burma before those regimes give up control. But I don’t think the same is likely here in the United States. A few lives may be lost in the course of events. Certainly many lives have been lost to weather warfare (engineered floods, earthquakes, steered hurricanes, wild fires, toppled bridges, etc.). But I don’t think significant military action against the population is possible.

SaLuSa has told us that the galactics “stopped their plan to create reasons to impose martial law, and step up their degree of control over the people.”  (5) And Matthew has also reassured us that “the millions who speak against US administration policies will NOT be rounded up and put in prison camps…. We urge you, PLEASE do not give even an iota of your energy to fear!” (6)

Second, I think the cabal knows that the face certain defeat and, in the face of that, I believe they are pulling out the stops and causing any mischief they can.  Matthew has said as much in his most recent message:

“For a bit longer the Illuminati will continue countering all progress toward dramatic changes with such distractions and disruptions as their black ops terrorism, stock market shenanigans, bribing or threatening politicians, limited resumption of chemtrails in some areas, weather control, and of course fear-filled disinformation. Since the light continually is intensifying on the planet, it is logical to wonder why they are able to keep going. The answer is fear.” (7)

I know that many people in the United States and Great Britain have lived with increasing levels of fear and anxiety in the face of increasing surveillance, diminishing constitutional rights, looming legislation framed to extend control, troop movements, and every possible kind of worrisome trend. But I also am convinced that the end is in sight and there is no need any longer to worry, whether the local police forces try to clear out Occupy protests or unexpected legislation appears on the floor of Congress, etc.

We have won. I don’t mean that the cabal has surrendered. And I don’t mean that there is not more to do. But the outcome is certain.

The Company of Light and their Earth allies are an overwhelming force. It’s simply that they don’t injure and torture and kill and so their progress looks slower than the equivalent terrestrial military force.  So the Light way takes longer and yields no sights of mushroom clouds rising into the sky. But it is the way of the natural law and, we’ve been told, is unstoppable.

So again, there’s no need to fear.  Fear only feeds the cabal and brings to us that which we fear.  Slowly, slowly I believe we’ll shift from looking upon the cabal as our enemy to loving them and seeing them as deluded, misguided, perhaps ignorant. As our situation shifts from being dire, as it once was, to being bearable to being satisfying, we too can afford to shift from being resolute, to being vigilant, to being peaceful.  This shift is also unstoppable and probably most welcome.

For those who wish to express themselves on current cabal attempts to stifle the Internet, here is the link to AVAAZ’s petition.

We only have days before the vote but we can help stop this — champions in Congress want to preserve free speech and tell us that a global outcry would strengthen their hand. Let’s urgently raise our voices from every corner of America and join Avaaz members across the world to build a massive call urging our decision makers to reject the bill and stop Internet censorship. Click below to sign and then forward as widely as possible — our message will be delivered directly to key members of the US Congress ahead of the crucial vote:


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