Radio Ann – The Council of Twelve – 18 November 2011

Hello, Ann. This is the Council of Twelve. We are here to say hello. We are here to say that we are aware of the struggle you are having with integrating the energetic changes you have undergone with your physical vehicle. We see that the energy is creating some difficulties with headaches, digestion and sleeping. This is common to many lightworkers, particularly those who are sensitive in general.

Your system has always been energetically sensitive, which is why your upbringing was so very challenging. You came in to an atmosphere heavy with anger, disagreements, low energy, illusion, friction, heavy food, heavy everything. You coated yourself with a layer of non-feeling to cope with the bombardment of low vibration that was your daily lot in life. You began to awaken and clean the slate in your mid-twenties. It has taken many years, many decades of dedicated spiritual, physical, emotional and mental effort. And now you are reaping the benefits.

You are very much clearer than you used to be. You are not as reactive. This is all to the good. However, now that your “protective” layer of density is gone, you feel everything. Every emotion in your household, in the street, in the stores, in the library; you are in some ways too open. You must learn to wrap yourself with a layer of protection that is positive, not unconscious. You must visualize a protective cocoon around you when you go out in public, lest you become infected and sickened by others’ negativity.

This is vitally important, and we pass this information to you for the benefit of your colleagues as well. We write these words, or rather send them out through the offices of your brain and onto the page, for the benefit of all who read them. The infusion of light that came through on the 11/11 date has made you all extremely “raw” in a spiritual sense. You would not expose a new-born to the elements. You are all “new-born.”

Kindly protect yourself. Withdraw as necessary. Be extremely prudent and diplomatic in your interactions. The energies are volatile; you can see for yourself how much conflict is in the streets. If you wish to engage in protest, please think of your own safety. If you support the protests energetically, do not sink into sympathy with every bloodied head you see on the news, as tempting as that is. Sympathy, as we have said before, is a low-energy response. Empathy is fine, but detachment is even better.

Hold the picture of what you want to see, not the pictures that upset you. Keep your focus on the desired outcome, not the messiness of the process. Keep your equilibrium at all costs. This anchors and balances the fluctuations of energy that are roiling your society at present. Keep calm and carry on. Stay protected. Be safe. Be well. Be peaceful. Be peace itself.

Thank you all for your invaluable service. The Council of Twelve.

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