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Lucas – Reflections – 19 November 2011

In this time of reflections after the 11.11.11 date I thought it is time for some observations by my own. Reflections on the system and the spiritual.

The system is changing fast even if people only feel and see the negative in speeding up controlling measures via still under dark cabal control governments and parliaments as their puppets. The signs of an unstoppable set in motion Domino stones display of their only reality of  power hunger, greed, fear and violence, etc., are falling down piece by piece.  The EU and Euro zone trembles and is falling apart as we speak. Even the US fears all of this as IMF and others can’t or will not help the old system. The new system will following shortly after the fall of the old.  Continue reading


Kerry Casidy – Swiss Saga – Inside The Hearts And Minds Of The Swiss Bankers

Swiss Saga | Inside the Hearts & Minds of the Swiss Bankers. via Kerry Casidy’s blog on http://www.projectcamelotproductions.com first published 17 nov.2011

SAGA with the SWISS : A story of an American, a secret bank account in Switzerland and the crackdown from the NWO – from an undisclosed source

The following is the first of several posts covering one person’s dealings with the breakdown of Swiss banking secrecy and the advent of the New World Order. All efforts have been made to protect the identilty of the author. Continue reading