Lucas – Reflections – 19 November 2011

In this time of reflections after the 11.11.11 date I thought it is time for some observations by my own. Reflections on the system and the spiritual.

The system is changing fast even if people only feel and see the negative in speeding up controlling measures via still under dark cabal control governments and parliaments as their puppets. The signs of an unstoppable set in motion Domino stones display of their only reality of  power hunger, greed, fear and violence, etc., are falling down piece by piece.  The EU and Euro zone trembles and is falling apart as we speak. Even the US fears all of this as IMF and others can’t or will not help the old system. The new system will following shortly after the fall of the old. 

Signs of the last controls of the dark ones will be corrected. The occupy Movement I see, not as the first but, as a movement that catalyst the new energies of being the free will choice humans that have  awakened, as long as they do not organize (control) and be non-violent and peaceful in their actions.  An other sign is the calmness that now surrounds many things.  People are more aware of the heart-felt truth within themselves and not outside of them.

As I see also shifts in consciousness or signs of transition in many lightworkers. The last of the duality issues need to exit your system. The light of the source is making its way now in everything. Some lightworkers act like bullies, show ego, envy or even hatred. Yes even ligthworkers are not that what they are in name. They need also to work on their  issues. As I need for myself as I luckily acknowledge. I see a lot of pain, despair and anger that does not transform things in the way wanted. What do we need to do is asked to get those above to help us.

It is difficult to grasp for many that we have to be also our saviours ourselves, besides the tasks of the many lightbeings helping doing the tasks they have been assigned to do in the completion of the Divine Plan. You have to act, reflect and think accordingly the new being you want to be. So do not give your own responsibilities as the old  slaves of control away. You need to be, breath the light and unconditional love.  I feel that this concept of being yourselves the creators of the new reality is difficult for a lot to understand.

The old must make way for the new and you have to do this yourselves inwards and outwards in creating the world you want to have.  That is the simplified version of this concept. I am confident you all will be going your own ascension paths chosen in the pace right for you.  So do not worry. You will reach your goal when ready. Stay in the NOW and be that being you always have been and will be again soon, that wonderful lightbeing of love and light.

Seeing the reflections of the old , I can see the new emerge. You will be seeing it also just watch.

Love and Light,


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