Lucas – SanJAsKa – On Disclosure And What Is Following – 20 November 2011

SanJAsKa channeld trough Lucas 20th November 2011.

Hello SanJAsKa could you give us a short message about disclosure that seems to be near unfolding?

Dear friend, I loved to give you an answer on this question. We are so excited as the time is near that we will be with you all, my dear friend. The announcement will be made and transmitted to all mayor news channels in your world. TV, Radio, Internet. We have made certain the message will be brought to you all even if you’re not able to see, hear or read. You will be conscious of the message in the way suitable for you. With the disclosure noticed all around the world a new task for you and your lightworker friends lies ahead.

Could you tell more about  that SanJAsKa?

I am glad to elaborate on that. Some of you have of will be asked to help in bringing the new following steps into place. They will be working close with our earth allies and the Agarthans as with us. We want to  make sure that all people will be prepared for our first contact with you after disclosure is announced. We will also be working on and rolling out the necessary  measures to ensure the rest will follow in time so to say.  We speak of your abundance program for instance.

All will follow a time path that is needed in your time construct on earth and is dictated by the Divine Plan. A lot will happen in the pace that is needed to its completion or faster if the developments will allow so.  You will be soon helping us in bringing your truthful and real history to you all. You will be learning about the ones who have been visiting you, your star families. You also will be learning about the dark ones that made your rightful place on our site a bumpy ride. We overcome those obstacles as the dark cabal are fading away or are brought to safe places from which they can not do any harm to your earth and you.  The last resistance is just like the last falling leaf on your tree now. Soon the tree will be blossoming in the new spring.

Know my dear friend that soon all will be clear. We will communicate in a transparent and for all understandable way. No one will be left out.  Be the  fearless creators of peace and change. Live now and be love in all your being. Await the joyful moment of our reunion soon.

Thank you SanJAsKa for your answers.

Love and Light, Lucas

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