Montague Keen – 20 November 2011

My dear, what a week it has been for you ! There you were, face to face with someone whose views and belief system should have been opposed to all that you and I stand for. Instead, you found a scholar of great renown whose extensive research fits entirely with what I have disclosed since my passing. This meeting did not happen by chance. It needed someone to come forward whose beginnings were similar to my own, and who, like me, had the vision and intellect to know that we had to free ourselves from the chains of control, both mental as well as physical, so as to engage fully with the research we were driven to do. How interesting for you that we both found the truth. I lived by it as he now lives by it. As you know, my dear, it is not an easy path. It was not easy for me, and I may say that it is even worse for Gilad, as the control system that they believed to be invincible is falling apart, so they attack mercilessly, those who dare to question it. He chose, like me, to be born into it: it is only then that you understand fully the mind control involved. They are a people totally driven by material values, who are not allowed to question, whose only purpose is to own and control, to manipulate all around them. They use FEAR to do this.

At last, mankind has opened his mind to all that is. People are remembering who they are. One race cannot, and will not, rule Planet Earth. Many of them are victims also. They failed to question or research what they were given to believe. They followed like sheep. Will they all fall together or will some have the courage to seek the real truth. They are by no means all the same and should not be seen as such. Some are just victims, too. They came to your planet with the intention of controlling it. You, the people, allowed it to happen. It is now time to say, “Enough is enough. This is our world !”

I have mentioned, in the past, the pole shift that will come about. It is a part of the shift to the Light. Changes must happen so that the dark – the evil that has destroyed so much – can be removed. They are calling, even demanding, WAR. When there is war, they are in control. They supply the weapons. They get their oxygen of life from the killing and suffering of others. Sadly, they use the ordinary people to do the killing for them, just to keep themselves in power.

Is this what you brought your babies into the world to do? To kill and maim? THINK . . . I implore you all to think carefully of your responsibilities to yourselves and your families. Deep in your hearts, you want a peaceful world for all human beings. Without your help there would not be a war. Those who demand war do not go to war themselves. They need you to do the killing for them. Surely you know enough to see this for yourselves. You are the 99%. The fact is, YOU are in control !

Their banks are failing but still they try to cling to power. Look around you. Who can you trust? David Icke has constantly warned of all this for 20 years. Look to your conscience. Your future depends on the decisions you make.

Christmas approaches . . . may I suggest that this year, you try to make it a time of family values. Try to resist buying into the false materialistic distractions. Come together in harmony with those around you. What you have been told is not the true history of events at all. Mankind inadvertently bought into the myth and the powers that were in control then, kept the myth alive. They have made a lot of money from it. We will produce the true story of the Saviour. But you are not ready to receive it, as yet. You have too many other important things to deal with, just now. You need to protect your planet and your fellow humans.

Love, yes, love, is always the answer. Where there is love, there is light. Where there is light, the darkness cannot penetrate. Please, please, take this on board. Live by it ! When attacked, do not retaliate: smile, do not buy into the attack. You know better. The truth is all around you. Do not allow yourselves to be fooled again. Say NO to war. Together, you are strong. Look into the innocent faces of your children. Promise them that you will help to create a better world for them, where they will live in peace and harmony with all nations. The reason that there is so much disharmony is because the people who are in control of your governments are not visible to you. If they were, you would fully understand what you are up against.

We work alongside you, but you do not see us, as we are on another level of consciousness. Most of you are still on the third level and so cannot see or hear us. But it does not mean for one moment that we are not there. All this will change when you rise to the fifth dimension. There will be no hiding place for them, then. This is why they do all in their power to delay the inevitable rise to the fifth dimension. We promise that it will be everything you could hope it to be. We are busy, putting things in place. We are also removing certain people from your planet in preparation for the big transition. We are not bound by time. We work continually to rescue your planet and all the people who wish to live in peace. We need the support of the good people of the Earth to make this journey with us. This is the time for truth and harmony. Come together as much as possible. Be there for each other. Soon, the chains that have bound you will be removed. You will be FREE. Free, at last, to experience who you are and why you are on Earth at this time. You will be free of the illusion you were lead to believe was all that there was. You have so much to look forward to and to experience. It will not be long. You are almost there.

Keep up the good work, my love. Your adoring, Monty.



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