Steve Beckow: If Disclosure Underwhelms, What Then?

I personally do not think the announcement will underwhelm, but I also have not been waiting for this as long as many people have. I am still reeling from the latest developments that are serving to bring disclosure to us. Thanks to Steve for this wonderful article. 
I’m  not sure if anyone has been watching the Discovery Channel’s Alien Attack, the movie District 9, or Alien vs Predator, which have all been airing this week.

But the media controllers are doing all they can to put the fear of God into the hearts of people over the allegedly-approaching Disclosure announcement.

Wanderer of the Skies has given us a sample version of the Disclosure Announcement that will probably be made. (1) You can see it’s a short one. The Pleiadians through Wes Annac have also told us:

“It will be a short announcement at first, but it will be repeated (so you can) soak the message in. There are many unawakened souls on your world who will not at first know how to react. Despite our initial message of Peace, there will be those unawakened on your world who may feel a bit paranoid about the very idea of extraterrestrials visiting Earth.” (2)

The announcement will be followed by the decloaking of a number of small spaceships, according to AA Michael today (Nov. 20, 2011), no motherships. All of this is designed not to set people’s fear reactions off.

It’s predictable from all we’ve seen in the past that some people will be underwhelmed by this short announcement and display … or lack of display. Many were underwhelmed by 11/11/11 and much consternation and burning of “membership cards” resulted (just kidding).

This kind of a reaction testifies, as well as anything I can think of, to the price we pay for not flattening our unfinished business and reaction patterns. And there isn’t time any longer to take the long road of processing these sleeping volcanoes before we’re into the most monumental, even if possibly underwhelming, announcement that may ever be made on this planet – prior to the end of 2012.

So let me just make a few suggestions, if you will, as stop-gap measures to handle the almost-predictable snapback that will happen for some who say to themselves and others: “Is this all? Is this the Disclosure we’ve been waiting for for so many years?”

First: Acknowledge What’s So

Yes, it is the Disclosure we’ve been waiting for.  Yes, the galactics do say that they think it best to underwhelm the world.  There’s no sense wishing you had the Disclosure of your dreams or referencing how long we’ve waited. This plan represents the collective wisdom of the Company of Light. It isn’t meant to give us all we wish, but to give us what’s wise to be given. It is meant not to raise fear or panic in us. And so it must be kept small in the beginning.  (Maybe they’ll have a big show when they leave. By then we’ll be ready for it.)

Second: Stay in the Center

So, as your reaction patterns go off, remember to stay in the center.

The center is the mystical place that everyone wants to know, explore and remain rooted in.  The spiritual heart is in the center of our being – no surprise there, eh? The center, or hridayam, is synonymous with the Self, the Atman, the Prince of Peace.  It’s susceptible to infinitely finer distinctions, leading all the way back to God. It is the gateway to the holographic universe within, the same as the universe without as far as I’m aware. It’s where we live. It’s where we’re travelling to. It’s where we’ve come from.  The beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega.

Ground yourself in Mother Gaia as well, to be sure.  But avoid extremes of emotion by remaining in the center. Swinging out to extremes will for sure ignite your unresolved reaction patterns and you’ll go off like Popocatapetl. Instead, “experience through” the feelings that arise in you. Complete them, by all means, if you can. But do it while remaining in the center.

So, if you find yourself erupting in disappointment at a short message or no motherships, remain in the center, watching your reactions and allowing them to play themselves through without resistance. “Be with and observe.”

Don’t resist them but don’t act them out either. And certainly don’t project them onto others. Our upsets are our own. In the last analysis, they come from our early-childhood experiences and almost always have nothing to do with what we think they do; certainly, little to do with the present.

Third: Remain Adult

Remain with Big Me rather than little me. Don’t allow yourself to become childish with matters. Remember we discussed acting “as if” we were ascended masters? Well, the time approaches where those practice runs are about to pay off. An adult does not distance himself or herself from the very events they came to support just because those events don’t fit their pictures. Only an emotional child does that.

Remain responsible. Support the action. Act as if people will notice the way you’re handling things. It’s up to us lightworkers in large measure to model a peaceful response to what is happening. Others will look around to see whose behavior they’ll emulate and when they see us acting peacefully and welcoming the galactics, it may just have a deep impact on them.  Here’s one place where a single person can make a great difference.

Fourth: Don’t Settle for the Cheap Shot

It’s easy to complain. Many people make a skill out of it. But in my books it’s a cheap shot unless there is really a solid basis to it and complaining really does serve the public good. In this particular case, complaining that Disclosure was not all it was billed as, considering the years and years we’ve been waiting for it, is a valid observation. But will it serve the needs of the moment? Probably not.

So, in this historic moment, even if it be muted and underwhelming, leave behind yourself the habit of complaint. Disclosure will show us that all we’ve been hearing about is real. It’s a harbinger of what’s to come. Be part of the team that’s bringing those new arrangements in rather making our mark by pointing out what’s not right from our vantage point.  Let’s own our own part in this and do what we can to help the galactics ease their way into our society which has been fed a false but steady diet of hostile aliens and predatory landings.

Despite what some people have said, there’s no reason to fear boarding a galactic spacecraft. No Orion Nordics are going to carry you off to enslavement.  I’ve asked to be the first to board a spacecraft and I’ll be happy to go for a spin to Jupiter and back.

Of course the cynics will say, “Yah, they let Steve return but they won’t let you.” Nonsense. All offworld negative aliens have been prevented from reaching Earth since some time back. You heard AA Michael re-affirm that today in his reading with Susan. (3)

There may be a few tall Greys below ground and some shapeshifting bad guys walking the Earth still. But no Greys, Nordics, or Dracos are allowed to approach the Earth. In fact, AAM said today that they had been reassigned to other universes some time ago. That is something he told me also a few months back as well.

This is the beginning of our service.  How many times have I written the phrase “the New Age fast approaching”? It’s about to arrive in one of its significant forms as reunion with our space family, peaceful and friendly ambassadors from other star systems, humans just like us. It’s not a dress rehearsal. It’s the real thing. Lights on, curtain up. Time for us to speak our lines and play our role.


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