Radio Ann- GFL Communication Pod – 22 November 2011

GFL Communication pod on Radio Ann:

[Hello. This is Ann.] Hello, Ann. This is the GFL communication pod. We are in touch with you on the inner planes. In fact, you are our co-workers. [Workers?] Yes, you and your friends. We address this to your group. Many of you are in the GFL on the inner planes. You clamor for contact. You are the ones with whom you wish to make contact. You are the ones you are waiting for. 

This is not an entirely satisfying response for those of you who wish to have 3-dimensional contact in Earth time and reality. We know. What can be done to hasten the day? Well, we are surprised at the exponential increase in the Earth’s light quotient since 11/11. So whatever you’re doing, keep it up. Conditions will be right for contact within your lifetimes.

Oh, we see you don’t like that response. In your lifetime. Think about that. How many human generations have come and gone thinking they were alone in all the Universe? YOUR generation will see the most amazing change in all of human history. The advent of various avatars, Jesus, Siddhartha, Krishna etc. were all extremely important, but they did not affect all of humanity in equal proportions. Our advent most certainly will. It will be a global realignment of every single aspect of daily life for every single person on the planet. It’s HUGE in its implications, and almost all of you who read this will be here to see it. Amazing, your lifetime.

The channel is seeing more and more references to the possibility of ET life in the media. Humanity is being prepared for our grand entrance onto your stage. Little by little, the possibility will turn into a probability, and then into a certainty and then into a fact of life. We know you all take our existence for granted. Please remember that there are billions on the planet who do not. We are working on them, via your communication and many other avenues.

It’s a big project, and we are pleased to report that it is proceeding ahead of schedule. No, we will not furnish dates. We cannot guarantee dates, and too much specificity only causes turmoil and disappointment. We will repeat: the majority of you, the vast majority, will see our craft land on your ground in your lifetime. Are you ready for everything to change? Think about it. Everything. Change is not always comfortable. Please do think about it. Thank you. The GFL signing out.


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