Radio Ann – Council Of Twelve – Thanks Giving Message – 23 November 2011

Thanksgiving message from the Council of Twelve on Radio Ann:
The challenge of your physical existence is lack of clarity. You are playing a lifetime game of pin the tail on the donkey (perhaps an arcane reference for younger readers). We mean to say that life is a game in which your challenge is to navigate your way to wisdom and enlightenment while blindfolded.

Don’t complain to us, you chose to play! Yes, it’s difficult. That’s the point. Only the hardiest, most persistent souls were granted a physical body in this time period. Why? Because of the level of difficulty. Just like a video game, the levels of human existence have become more and more challenging as time goes on. 

We have seen the growth of humanity’s challenge as the population increases. This is part of the new level – the sheer numbers with which each of you must contend for space, resources, affection, attention, money, etc. etc. It’s a challenge, and some of you came in with less, some with more. That’s the function of your karma. Whatever hand you dealt yourself, play it with grace and wisdom.

Your Thanksgiving holiday is a stroke of genius – a day for all of you in the United States to stop and look around at all you have. You are so very abundant. Even the most cash-strapped US resident has more than the average person in many other countries. We want you to enjoy what you have. No guilt, no arrogance, just appreciation.

If you were born into affluence, you designed it that way, and vice versa. The person with the least may have the most inside of his or her heart. No way of telling. You are all in the game for one reason: to change the way the game is played. You are the refs, the players, the spectators, the rule-makers, the stadium, the grass, the goal posts. Make up your collective minds to have it the way you want it. And so it shall be. The lag time between your conscious intention and the physical manifestation is a function of your spiritual clarity. Stay awake, keep your eye on the ball. Love, Cof12.

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