Greg Giles – Pleiadian Messages – 23 November 2011

An 11th dimensional Pleiadian collective speaks of humanity’s ascension into a higher dimensional existence.


Full text:

You are not pushed or pulled into traveling certain directions. Your guides, your Angels, and your higher self merely guide you gently on your journey. The avenues you may choose to venture are always your choice, and we of the higher realms honor each and every decision you make. Whether you realize it or not, you always make a decision at every crossroads you reach. Today is a new day, and with it brings new choices to be made by you, the adventurous traveler. We see the paths that lie before you, and if you could see these from our perspective, perhaps you would make a different choice sometimes.

Think not of your choices as those of right or wrong, but try to see that all are learning experiences, and it is through these experiences that you move closer to the realization of your goal to once again soar with the eagles of the higher dimensions. Many of you will soon be living this dream, and you have many long and hard years of experiences to show that you have earned it. Try to see the changes around you not as catastrophes in the making, as we have said many times, ascension will be experienced differently by all. Many aspects of the old paradigm must crumble before the new ways can take root from the newly created fertile soils.

Take heart that these changes are the trumpeter’s call to you that all you have ever wished for or dreamed about will now be yours forever and ever. Does this sound too good to be true? Do you not feel you are worthy? To believe somehow you are not worthy of the Creator’s gifts is to buy into the illusion of separation. It is time to move beyond these false limitations and remember that the Creator loves you all and wishes you to enjoy everything that he and his Creation offers you. It is the time for this. Nothing is too good to be true.
Envisioning your new reality you wish to experience will help bring it to fruition and make manifest. You may wish to practice this technique whenever you can make time for this, as this is a very powerful tool in your possession. Making dreams come true is a power you all possess, and very soon you will all be creating solely with the powers of your mind, just as you have always been doing here in the physical, only you will see the immediate manifestation of your effort right before your eyes.
Events are unfolding at a rapid pace all around you today, and although much still remains unreported by your news media, tell tale signs can surely be seen that your world is changing. Know that all the changes will only lead to good, and know that many powerful minds with hearts of the purest intent are behind these great changes and you will always see these events for their true nature; not something to fear, but something to cherish, as each event brings you one step closer to your glorious destiny, a destination you edge closer to each and every day.

You are so very close now. Now is a time for great enjoyment and inner as well as outer celebration. Try not to allow impatience to get the better of you. You have heard many times before that patience is a virtue, but do you feel these words? There are many spiritual virtues, and the learning of each is essential in your growth. Take this time to focus on this important virtue of patience. Have you ever noticed that when you remain patient while waiting for something it seems to come to you faster? Think about this for a moment. Is it your mind just playing tricks on you, or is there a greater universal force at work here?
Soon we will all walk together again and share a table at meal time. This is the way we all lived together in your not too distant past. Our architecture has been left behind as a reminder for you that someone else lived among you, a people from the stars. The time has finally come for you to remember your Star Families as we celebrate in grand reunion. This will happen soon. Can you imagine what you will feel inside to see our great ships come down from the skies to greet you, our ‘long lost’ but never forgotten family once again? We are currently in preparation for this inevitable day. We are working diligently around the clock completing all the final tasks to enable our vast fleets to touch ground and allow our many crew members to once again feel Mother Earth beneath our feet.

We look so forward to this experience, more than you may know. Many of us have lived on your planet before, and this grand event will not only be an exciting reunion with our Star Family members, but for many, a wonderful homecoming. There are those of you who will also be experiencing a home coming very soon, as many of you have lived on other planets before, and even call one of these worlds your home today.

All your cherished memories of your past will come rushing back to you in the days ahead, and many of your exciting experiences may come as a bit of a surprise to you at first. You are all great beings who have seen and experienced much throughout your long history. Who you are, where you come from, and what great power you possess will be remembered fully by you, and should make for quite an exciting experience for you all. We can hardly wait for this day.

Until then, we suggest you try to enjoy these wonderful and exciting last days of duality, and focus on the marvelous days ahead, the first days of your new and eternally blissful lives.
You are all loved dearly. We are your Star Family.
As channeled through Greg Giles


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