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Steve Beckow – What The Dark Ones Face – 25 November 2011

We’ve entered the period of accountability and many of us have heard that arrest warrants are being issued for some of the Illuminati. Many of them are allegedly fleeing the sinking ship, others looking for safe haven, and still others being removed and kept in isolation.

This is a time when many of us could feel vengeful and think that we need to bring the dark ones to justice. What are the grounds for saying that we don’t need to seek vengeance on the dark ones? Continue reading


Thanksgiving Week A Busy Week For UFO Sightings






Thanksgiving Week a Busy Week for UFO Sightings. via http://www.stevebeckow.com  by BZ Riger

Click the link above and see the new youtube videos on display on Steve’s website.

Mish -UK Banks Brace For Eurozone Break-Up – Eurogeddon And The Death Of A Currency – 25 November 2011

Permit me to note here – for want of a better place – that the price of Gold is now dropping, when I would think under the circumstances it should be rising. Again, I will suggest, despite what Nouriel Roubini says – that we will never return to a gold system, it is because people in-the-know understand we are returning to a transparent, gold and precious metals based system. 

Also, I would like to share a comment from a reader of the post from Ben Fulford yesterday: This is a good one. It reconciles with my associate’s involvement with the Dragon people about 5 / 7 years ago. Then we were talking about certain issues when this name appeared. I took it for real because, before that I was approached by another group who came to Singapore with maps, drawings, etc. about tons and tons of yellow and while gold among other things and were here to look for certain key persons and things. I knew it was real and true, but difficult to digest. I had called my associate about this and now we are on the right track on various issues connected to the Dragon representative. Now we can see light. Thank you very much. Continue reading

Radio Ann – GFL Communication Team – 25 November 2011

Hello, Miss Ann. We are the Galactic Federation of Light coming to you from the communication center. We are in constant contact with you on the inner planes, as are your colleagues and fellow lightworkers. The disclosure you wish to see will indeed occur in a timely and organized way to create the most value and the least disruption, although an event of this magnitude is by definition disruptive.  Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 25 November 2011

For those of you who follow what is happening in the world, you cannot have failed to notice that our predictions as to the outcome are becoming your reality. The massive banking and financial problems are clearly heading for a crash, and there is no way to prevent it. You are living in a world that is in a state of chaos and steadily heading for an implosion. People now see what has been wrong with the old set up, but up to now have no real answers that will completely deal with the problems. A number of governments have collectively agreed to support a new approach to banking, but it remains to be seen who can galvanize them into action. This situation presents us with an opportunity push our allies forward, who with our help can outline what is necessary to move onto a new path that will solve your problems. There is also consideration to be given to the Abundance program that will follow such changes, so we are working hard to bring some semblance of order into being. Much of what is waiting to come out is tied in with the announcement of Disclosure, and that is ready and simply waiting for a firm date to be agreed. Continue reading

David Wilcock – New Video – Occupy Your Self! Personal Spiritual Development – 24 November 2011







In this new video, David Wilcock explores the core spiritual teachings of the Law of One series and other great sources to give you practical tools that can help you in your spiritual development. Our Thanksgiving gift to you is a reminder to Occupy Your Self!  (see at the middle of the article the video) Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Melchizedek – You Are Divine Beings Walking The Earth In Loving Service To Earth

Beloved Ones,

We begin this discourse by focusing your attention on your own core essence. Inside each of you there is a crystalline core that has been with you since your first sojourn upon this Planet.

This core essence of you has experienced all that can be experienced upon this World of duality and polar opposites and in the process, lost its direction along the way. In this current lifetime, you have each been traveling the road back to remembrance of the Light that lives within you and now that Divine Essence is blossoming into life. Continue reading

Wes Annac – The Ascended Masters – Our Energies Must Be Felt Before Our Words Can Be Processed – 24 November 2011

Channeled through Wes Annac – via http://www.aquariuschannelings.com link to original article

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