Marlene Swetlishoff – Melchizedek – You Are Divine Beings Walking The Earth In Loving Service To Earth

Beloved Ones,

We begin this discourse by focusing your attention on your own core essence. Inside each of you there is a crystalline core that has been with you since your first sojourn upon this Planet.

This core essence of you has experienced all that can be experienced upon this World of duality and polar opposites and in the process, lost its direction along the way. In this current lifetime, you have each been traveling the road back to remembrance of the Light that lives within you and now that Divine Essence is blossoming into life.

Each of you is magnificently made and you are now coming into the time of the emergence of the gifts of the Spirit in a way that will be most helpful and healing to you. We see that you are all beginning to become the observers of the events around you, within your personal lives and in the World about you.

You are beginning to understand how you create the circumstances that appear in your lives and you are seeing that all that you believe about yourselves comes into manifestation through your closest companions and biological family members. They are here to help you to awaken and reclaim your personal sovereignty and power and they do this to perfection by the roles they play in your life.

Each person who is a part of your life is your teacher in many instances and occurrences and you also play a specified role in their soul’s unfoldment and evolution and in this way you provide a loving service to each other in order that you learn and remember what was important to trigger you into Awakening to the greater mysteries that surround you. You have come a long way, Beloved Ones, take the time to acknowledge yourselves and celebrate your accomplishments. Even six months ago, you were a very different person from the one that is before you now.

So you begin to understand that the transformation begins within and then radiates outward from there. This is why love and honoring of Self is most important. If you still have mental and emotional patterns that keep manifesting occurrences that tell you that you are not good enough and you find yourselves repeating that phrase often, then realize that is your work in this moment.

It is a revelation, Dear Ones, that what is needed is to give love and nurturing to yourselves. There is nothing outside of yourselves, you created everything that happens to you, whether it is subconscious or conscious. If from what you discern, it is not anything you have been doing in this now moment, then the Higher aspect of yourself has chosen this very challenge in order that you progress in the advancement of your conscious knowledge.

Become the adventurers in consciousness, try experimenting in your lives by boldly declaring yourselves to be the unlimited and unconditionally loving Beings that have propelled you forward throughout your life here on Earth. You truly make a difference, your thoughts and observances of these thoughts make a difference, everything that you each do makes a difference to the unified field of consciousness that encapsulates the thoughts, feelings and intentions of each individual upon the Planet.

Take full responsibility for every action that you take and if, in your humanness you partake of energies, thoughts and deeds that are not from the highest aspects of yourselves, quickly realign yourselves by stating that you take full responsibility for that action, then state a powerful affirmation that will align you back to your own Divinity.

You are each Divine Beings walking the Earth in a loving service to the Earth and all of Humanity and all sentient Beings that are Her inhabitants. Begin to claim your power knowing that your Love is that power and that miracles can happen right where you are in this now moment. Keep updating your Book of Life each day knowing that you are writing a magnificent story that adds great depth and profound meaning to the collective field of consciousness and that it is all for the Glory of God.

I AM Melchizedek

Channel: Marlene

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