Radio Ann – GFL Communication Team – 25 November 2011

Hello, Miss Ann. We are the Galactic Federation of Light coming to you from the communication center. We are in constant contact with you on the inner planes, as are your colleagues and fellow lightworkers. The disclosure you wish to see will indeed occur in a timely and organized way to create the most value and the least disruption, although an event of this magnitude is by definition disruptive. 

Nothing in your world will ever be the same when we make our appearance into human society. Religion – we mean the big organized institutions – will be threatened as never before. Expect the most virulent attacks and resistance from that quarter. If the organizations that have controlled you for so long no longer have the claim to the ultimate understanding of life and the universe, they have no firm ground upon which to stand. In other words, they will collapse under their own weight. This is the factor that we are most concerned about, since many humans rely on churches to tell them what to do and how to live. Where then, will they look? If they (and we refer here to what some of you satirically call “sheeple”) can’t get their heads around the new paradigm, you can expect to see a fair number of people go predictably nuts.

And this is where you come in, lightworkers. You’re going to have to stay calm (we see you jumping up and down when we arrive) and help your confused, scared and angry neighbors come to terms with us. There will be a lot of anger because people will realize the extent of the lies that controlling institutions have perpetuated solely to stay in power. This will generate a tremendous amount of rage, and while we understand the reaction, it would be better to tamp it down.
You, our ground crew, are the ones who can do the most in this regard. You know your neighbors, coworkers, family members, etc. much better than we do. Start by preparing the way. When you have the opportunity to talk about us calmly and logically, do so. Sow the seeds of the new way so that the ground is prepared in advance. Can you do this? We know you can. We know you talk among yourselves about us – spread the word! We need to achieve critical mass in the collective mind-set to make a successful entrance. You are our advance team. Make it so! Namaste, the GFL comm team.

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