Lucas – Judgement And Claiming – “If You Judge People You Have No Time To Love Them” – 26 November 2011

In this article I address me  observing the judgement and  claiming of things around me. I see people who say to represent the light and love and  or  are in contact with other lightbeings stating they are the only ones and others are fake or implying under so-called discernment that they would be not real or might not be and by that putting them into a bad light.  Also statements I see coming up on fora and in blogs as: “I have been told you to say that by…………………..” Then there are the judgments also by many in claiming. They claim telling the universal truth and make statements of being the righteous ones. This you can see like the still ongoing fights and wars  over bible and other holy book interpretations  or prophecies holding every post or article against the light of what has been said in their way of thinking in therefore their truth. This need not be your truth. 

The new world of light and love is not about all of this. It is not about Ego issues, that stand in the way. It is not about hidden agendas that are behind the reasons for example claiming or judgment. Know the new world is about leaving the duality behind you. Leaving behind the paradigm  of making money first.  First comes your spiritual awakening  and your work into entering this new world together with mother Earth and establish heaven on Earth again. A world of light and love is only about the best for all in everything. No strings attached in any way. Doing what is necessary to make the world a place where all that is needed for all is being done in love, light and with care. The rest is evolving further and helping others to find their way, explore and enjoy. No more worries, fears, etc. Only the lightworld and love surrounds you as you are connected to the source of all in your being.

Let love be your guide. Let love make you not judge and  not claim. Let light be your incentive to feel the words for what they are and leave it by that. Feel intuitively  what is right for u and only u.  Let the light be your sign in this world still learning to undo all your duality parts that need to be addressed. Do not judge or claim  as others  are also right. The truth knows a lot of truths and is still part of the Source as we all are.  Feel when things are entering in your Ego zone in being bruised, being hurt, feeling pride, etc. Feel it and leave it behind you. Do not think in any form of  revenge, reprisal, hate or negativity in general but have compassion and sent your love and light. If you read messages containing negativity you know and you can set them aside as it is your choice. If you feel  negative thoughts let go of them and be again in a state of peacefulness and calmness.  Reconcile  if you can. Forgive yourself as you ask forgiveness from others.

Let us end this article with a  quote from Mother Teresa: “If you judge people you have no time to love them.”

Love and Light,


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