Wes Annac – A Short Message From SanJAsKa – Allow Heart To Unite With Mind – 27 November 2011

SanJAsKa channeled by Wes Annac

Many of you are now being tested to your very cores at this time, and this testing is needed for your Divine self to burst through. Indeed, many of you are noticing that the old energy is now finally coming up for review, and this is review that is needed dear souls. For once you see this lower energy for what it really is, you will be able to grow past it. You will be able to grow into the Divine souls you have always wished to be. We guide to you now, not to let this tumultuous energy wave take you under, not to let yourselves be suppressed, and not to let yourselves feel that your Light is somehow dimmer than another’s, dear souls it is not!

All of you carry the same Light, all of you are made of the same Divine Logos, and no one person is ever more ‘in the right’ than others dear souls, do you see? We do not even consider ourselves ‘smarter’ than you all because ‘smarter’ is just a label dear souls, ‘smarter’ is just an illusion. Your minds and hearts are receptors for the energies that you bring through dear souls. Sometimes these energies are lower energies and sometimes they are higher energies but you must realize that these energies do not originate in your own body complexes. Indeed you are all receptors and you all have the choice at all times as to which energies come through you, as to which thoughts come to your mind, for these thoughts are energy as well.

The energies that come through your heart and the energies that come through your mind are one and the same dear souls for do you see, all is united. All is granted Harmony and Unity. Indeed, many of you are now realizing that a sharp mind is not enough to be granted your ascension processes. You must also feel your own hearts expanding, you must also feel Love for other souls, and this Love is great dear souls. You must feel the Love for one another, even if you have perceived differences. You must feel the Love, for Love is what will unite. Indeed, ‘mental gymnastics’ may try to separate souls, when separation is in fact an illusion dear souls.

There is no one person that has all the answers, there is no one soul that knows everything. As you allow heart to pair with mind, as you allow these two chakras to unite together, you will realize that this is truly what is needed at this time for you dear souls. You will realize that Loving and thinking are one and the same. Indeed, as we have said mind is not enough. We guide to you all now to treat all of those that you see with as much Love as if you were seeing us, because we are simply you in a more advanced form. We are simply you in an evolved form dear souls and we have wished you to know this.

Indeed if it helps, you may view all others around you as extraterrestrial because you do not originate on this planet, just as your feelings and thoughts do not originate in your own body and mind complexes. You do not come from this world dear souls!  Though many of you have found a comfortable home and a comfortable Living space on this world, we wish you to know that this world is not where you originate. You all originate from vast galaxies, from vast universes all throughout Creation and we were all first united in the realms of Mother/Father God.

Thank you to SanJAsKa.

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