Gaia’s Daughter Of Truth – Mirrored Reflections – 28 November 2011

Everybody feels the permeating/shifting energies differently. And everybody is reacting differently to how the world is changing – more precisely to how youare transforming.

You see, it is the same as the ambient temperature: some people enjoy high temperatures – the hotter it is, the happier/more productive they are. Others handle cooler temperatures better and can get quite incapacitated when the mercury goes beyond what they are comfortable with. If they adjust to the temperature, modify their activities when the heat feels oppressive for them they will fare rather well. If they force themselves to keep their usual routine, they will have a rough time; they may even crash and burn if you will.
Many of you are affected by the fluctuations in energies in ways you have never experienced before.
We mean that the ambient energy has always affected you, but its effects barely used to register on your radar screen.
However, as energies intensify and your antenna become sharper, the ebbs and flows of all that is invisible/intangible for most of you – yet impacts you nonetheless – are a lot more noticeable.
Sometimes they energize you. Other times they slow you right down. Almost forcing you to take it easy, to nurture yourself, to rest. And the more you go against it – either by stubbornness or by necessity, like fulfilling your obligations – the longer your recuperation time becomes.
Your body is adjusting, regulating itself. That is all. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just like your body shivers when you are cold and gets drenched with sweat when you are hot. Just let time do its thing. After a while, it will feel natural. By that We mean that your body will have adapted to the new energy and its fluctuations, and will regulate itself without much effect on you.
And just like it often takes you a while to adapt to the colder or warmer temperatures when the seasons change, it may take a while before you settle in these new energies now, and whenever they shift again in the future.
That has been the case for the Messenger for the past week or so. She has been needing lots and lots of rest and stillness.
Still, it was a very peaceful and soft time for the most part. Things just got a little “bumpy” when work and obligations made her go against her flow. So she has been silent/inactive even though We were not.
Just be aware that the way you react or adjust to the world is changing in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways.
For example, if you find yourself reacting strongly to anything – be it mundane or “serious” – know that it is quite alright to take a step back to have a better understanding/insight of what is truly bothering/triggering you.
The actions or activities of others – anything that they do, say or organize – often act as a mirror. By that We mean that sometimes your reactions have little or nothing to do with the person holding the mirror and everything to do with you.
Often, when you react strongly to something – most of the time “negatively” – you tend to assume it is because there is something wrong. And that “something wrong” is the other person or the situation. And on top of that, that the person or situation you are reacting must be “fixed”.
Here We are talking about situations that have nothing to do with you – whether or not they happen will have no impact on you, and where the participants will most likely benefit.
These instances where you are reacting to someone else’s actions that have no impact on you per se, simply send back a reflection. Like their actions are like a mirror being held up in front of you, and you end up staring at yourself, but the image/reflection seems quite distorted. You think you are reacting to the situation/person, when you are actually reacting to the personal emotions or thought they bring up in you. You do not like how you look in that reflection. (An “human” example is forthcoming.)
You see, you are changing. Your sense of self and life mission often become clearer and stronger as you walk on your path and do the work that is yours to do.
And as you “do your thing”, layers get removed. Personal truths get revealed and everything that does not or no longer resonate with you gets amplified to the point of dissonance.
And with anything, often you will “blame” the source of the cacophony or concentrate on the disharmony – keeping your head against the speaker if you will instead of moving away to a comfortable distance to hear the message, answer or insight you cannot hear because you are simply standing too close.
Because you see, sometimes the “problem” is not the mirror holder, the “problem” is you.
And by problem, We mean obstacle.
Here is something rather trivial that happened to the Messenger to put it in a human context.
She recently came across something (an event) organized by someone she values. The thing is, that event really clashed with the Messenger’s truths/personal knowingness. It brought a lot of things to the surface. She was quite conflicted. We mean that she could see the worth in that event for some people, still she knew it would be rather useless for her to attend. That event also put right in front of her something she has known for a long time that she must do, but feels unprepared/reluctant to embark on.
As humans often do in these circumstances, she concentrated on what was “wrong” with that event — looking beyond the mirror if you will — instead of facing her own fears or reluctance of the work she must tackle.
And We will specify that it was a “negative” and puzzling (for the Messenger) reaction to an overall “positive” event. By that We mean the intent behind the activity is good. Sometimes you will have a visceral reaction to something because there is something truly “wrong” or “bad” with that specific thing. This was absolutely not the case here. In this case, the “happening” simply felt like an utter waste of time for the Messenger, but one that may be interesting for others.
When you have an adverse reaction to a comment, a situation or an activity because you sense something is not quite right or someone could get hurt/harmed, then an intervention is warranted.
We are simply pointing out that just because you have a strong reaction to something does not mean something “bad” is in the works. It could simply be that something is simply reversely resonating with you. In a way, you are seeing in others an element you know you have to do or work on, but you are resisting. You know how stubborn you can be sometimes.
It is merely a trigger to draw your attention on a particular thing. Often something you have been putting on the back burner for a myriad of reasons. An aspect of your life or of your soul mission you are reluctant to tackle. Simply because it is so outside your comfort zone that you almost feel a “mistake” was made. That somehow they picked the wrong person to do the job.
For instance, the Messenger knows that (eventually) she has to put herself “out there” more. Be more visible if you will. The thing is, she is a translator by trade (ironic, isn’t it?) and used to be invisible. In the sense that 99.9% of the time, people have no clue that she worded the message. And she is okay with that. It is a very comfortable and safe place for her to be.
And even if she is quite good at what she does, she is reluctant to move towards the “spotlight”. While it is true that some of the things she feels called to do require a lot of preparation and work on her part, because she needs to create her own tools if you will and is not entirely sure how to go about it, she got stuck in the “all-I-know-is-what-won’t-work” rut for a bit. And that event that got her all worked up was all she needed to recognize she had unconsciously been stalling or procrastinating. 
You see, as Humans, it is much easier for you to point out what is wrong with what someone else is doing than to get to work yourself. Especially when the task seems daunting and you know you are venturing into unknown territory, and you are not sure what type or response you will be getting. It is a natural reaction.
Often you are your biggest obstacle. We have said that before.
The moment the Messenger realized that she was the problem – absolutely no blame or shame involved, a simple recognition she got distracted – she felt lighter and her calmness and peace returned. It was a very freeing realization.
Mind you, she still has no clue how to achieve what she knows she must do, but she is more at peace. She can draw strength from the courage of the mirror holder that made her react to help her get to work.
The elements that still need to simmer, she released them to the universe. And the baby steps she now sees she can take, well, she is concentrating on those.
Many of you do feel a bit stuck. Both knowing that you have something simple yet precious to share or do, but that implies a new/different way of doing or being.
A different kind of trailblazer if you will.
Take time to observe others who are active does – even (especially) when you know instantly that it is not the “right” way for you to do your own work.
The more intense the reaction, the more you will learn about your own fears or blocks. Plus, you get to strike off a method or thing you know is useless for you to try.
Everybody has their mission. And not all of them will resonate with you. That does not mean they are not “good” or useful. They are just not meant for you… And you are probably not meant for them either. You should still respect each other for your respective Earth offering. If “light workers” have trouble getting along for whatever reason, how can you expect “unenlightened” people like politicians to do the same?
Also, everybody is at a different level. Some move quite quickly once they discover their paths or soul mission. Sometimes they even surpass others who seemed to be light years ahead.
That is okay. Everybody moves at his or her own speed and has their own trail to tread.
Avoid the temptation to judge anybody whose path is quite different from yours of whose path split from yours. To each his or her own.
Everybody has something to offer the world. You see, the stages or “awakening” are so varied that often you forget where you once were.  Someone else could not start where you are. They have to begin at their beginning… And these people need a guide. You may simply be called to help others a little further along the trail. That does not mean it will be easier for you. Often it will be the opposite, for most will not fully understand what you are all about. Know that that is okay too.
Just because you are “beyond” some things now (because you experienced them already) does not mean everybody is.
When you do not like how you feel or what you see when you look in a mirror someone else is holding up before you, instead of breaking the mirror and hurting the holder in the process; stay silent, look into your own eyes in that image and go within to see the true reflection, the true message that they are shining back at you.
In a way you have new eyes. Give them time to adjust to this new way of seeing, and the distortion will disappear by itself.
This is all.
Much Light and Love to Everyone.

© 2011 Gaia’s Daughter of Truth. All rights reserved You may make copies of this message and share it in any media you wish as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and Web address. First published sunday 27th November 2011


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