Wes Annac – Solara – On False Prophets And Feeling The Emotions Of The Higher Realms – 29 November 2011

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Dearest souls, there is a pressing issue on your world that we in the higher realms feel needs addressing, and this is the issue of false prophets. Many of you are beginning to notice souls who are coming out of the woodwork with vast intelligence, but who will attempt to lead you astray with their words. The dark energies have attached themselves to many souls on your world, so successfully that sometimes the very souls being used for dark purposes do not realize that they are being deceived and that they are being led to deceive those who follow them and listen to their words. We guide to you all now to know and feel the true power you carry within you, and to never let that power be squandered. Dear ones do not let the perceived realities of others attach to your own beliefs and knowledge about the reality around you, for you are all experiencing Creation differently.

As you feel and truly know something to be, so does the very energy, the very idea of that something solidify in your field of perspective. As you put all of your faith which is a very powerful energy into a certain belief or idea, so does that belief or idea solidify in your field of understanding. This is known by many false prophets at this time, and it is known by many that if they can get you to believe something with the full capacity of your minds and hearts, that whichever they wish you to believe will solidify in your own field of understanding and thus, make their belief that they have imposed upon you ‘real’ for you as it is for them. This goes back to something we have been telling you for so very long dear souls, and that is of your powers of Creation. As you know and have been told countless times, you truly do create your reality dear ones. You truly do create the surroundings around you based on what you believe and feel and this is why those with a perceived lesser agenda wish you to become entrapped in the beliefs that they carry, in their own views of the world around them.

Again, some do not realize that they are performing such deception. A large portion of the false prophets on your world truly believe what they preach, the problem is that what many false prophets preach is lacking Love, is lacking compassion and full understanding. Many souls will teach you to look for deception in everything you see, and this is a survival trait that you had all developed to properly survive in the low vibrations. So you see dear ones, not every false prophet is necessarily aware themselves that they are false prophets, some very much believe in the ideas they are attempting to force upon others, and while there are ego issues attached with attempting to constantly persuade others of how you yourself feel, the souls who do not realize that they are aiding the dark are simply acting on their own aspirations, are simply doing what they feel is best.

Many of you are drawn to such false prophets on your internet for a purpose. Indeed, we can feel the annoyance many of you feel when reading such words and comments on your internet that are clearly of a lower vibration, and we wish you to know that those of you who have been lead to such comments and false teachings, have been lead there to learn a lesson for your own spiritual growth and evolution. The lessons that are being learnt by coming across these false prophets can vary from each soul who is learning. For example, our scribe has recently come across opinions and thoughts of a very low vibration on our messages through him and on messages of other ascended souls through him, and he hath taken the opinions of the commenters personally as if the commenters were talking about words that he himself said, when it simply is not so. These lessons are by no means easy for you to learn, and our scribe unfortunately did have to go through a great deal of pain but it was very much worth it for this very important lesson to come about. Through all of the turmoil, our scribe learned not to take the lower opinions of others too personally, and he learned that when an opinion is formed on a message through him, that the opinion is not based on his words because he never spoke the words that warranted the opinion; we in the higher realms who are speaking though him did.

For him, it also ended up a lesson of faith. The very fact that our scribe felt about the opinions of our words the way he did, as if they were opinions about his very own words, showed that he still displayed doubts about his own contact with us. The lesson showed that he can still feel and wonder at times if he is really speaking with us, or if he is and has always been channeling himself so to speak. Dearest ones, we know and understand that you have been taught to fear and not to believe in anything that is outside your natural paradigm of understanding, we know this dear souls but you must realize that as your ascension processes speed up as they currently are, it is so very important to let all fear and doubts concerning what you perceive to be ‘real’ go. You are to learn things that will blow you away, and by this we mean that your entire idea and belief of what reality is, is to undergo a huge shift. Dear souls, your whole world and your whole Lives are going to be changed because indeed, is that not the point?

It can be difficult to let go of that which you know to be familiar, of that which is comfortable to you and this has been a painful process for many of you, especially those of you who are very sensitive to these energies but we must let you know that all that you are ‘suffering through’ is to be so very worth it as you realize that the most difficult lessons you have learned have served to clear your energetic bodies to the point where you are able to fully bring through the required capacity of Light for you to not only perform nothing short of miraculous Lightwork upon Earth with, but for you to use such Logos energy to completely speed up your ascension processes, which will also speed up your outer surroundings and what you know as the illusion of time, which will also naturally bring about the contact with your benevolent Space Family that is to come with these times of ascension. While it has been difficult for you and we do recognize this with compassion in our hearts, we wish you to know with every fiber of our being that you are not suffering needlessly. The lessons you have been learning that have been so difficult, that have shocked and hurt and drained you to your very core, have taken you to your core for a reason dear ones. These lessons have taken you to that part of you, that supreme and hollow part of yourself and this is a space you need to be in dear ones, this is a space you will operate from a higher consciousness from and while getting to this space has been very difficult, now that you are here we ask you to congratulate yourselves as we are congratulating you as well. You have made it!

Again, it is so very important now for you to let yourselves be your guides. Do not hang on the every word of another, for you are all operating on different perspectives and you will all naturally form your own opinions and beliefs on the world around you and the beauty of Earth is that it is a playground and an advanced school for many different types of souls who hail from all throughout Creation. So you see dear ones, everybody is going to have a differing opinion on what these times mean, on what ascension means and on how ascension will be brought about on your world. This is because for the most part, you do not yet fully know what is to transpire and as such you are relying on the information you are receiving from your own intuition, which is really contact with your higher self and with your guides. The thing is dear ones, you are all also working through you  own egos to receive the message of what the end times are to be and as such, you will be receiving these messages and filtering them through your own understanding, through your own beliefs of what the end times are to be like.

The more you rely on yourselves for this information and the less you rely on others for guidance and information on what the end times are to be like, the more these egotistical barriers will dissipate away, and they will not be allowed to filter or, for some, block your awareness and your feeling in the deepest depths of your heart what these end times are supposed to be like. We would guide you especially to be aware of those who preach deception in all they see, as they are operating from a grey area of mind that teaches them that all are out to deceive, and this dear ones is because they have spent a very long time in the low dimensions and some have indeed forgotten what a sunny day can look like. If need be, remove yourself from these beings at all costs, as their lower vibrational opinions that come from the judgment center of the mind, rather than from the heart can be very convincing because, just because these souls are a bit removed from their heart spaces, it does not mean they are not still very knowledgeable. Indeed, some of the smartest souls on your world are those very souls who are in power, and this is because they have been able to deceive you all into accepting lifestyles of the downtrodden while they greedily enjoy the lifestyles that you all deserve to be living, and that you are all meant to be living.

Do not let the downtrodden opinions of others get you down at this time, and again if at all possible ignore and take yourselves away from the low vibrations of others. There are many souls now who carry a conscious knowledge of ascension and the mind-centered facts of ascension, but who do not yet feel ascension in their hearts and dear ones, feeling your ascension is a very big requirement for manifesting it for yourselves. As you have been told, knowing is not enough, you must be able to feel the higher energies that are enveloping you at this time for if you do not, you will be blocked from the higher vibrations as such higher vibrations are brought about from, are manifested from the Loving emotions that you must feel to feel the access to the higher realms. Do you feel what we are saying here dear ones? The emotions of unconditional Love and compassion for all souls are composed of the very higher vibrations that compose the higher realms. As you allow yourselves to feel these emotions, and indeed to feel all emotion for all emotion is constructed from beauty and beautiful energy, as you allow yourselves to feel this dear souls, so is a bridge formed between your current physical self and the higher realms that you are ascending to. It can be said that feeling and understanding are two of the most important factors in your ascension at this time.

Thank you to Solara.

*Just to clarify, when I speak to Solara I am speaking to a united twin-flame soul. I have come to know the female aspect of this soul as Solara and the male aspect as SolaRa. So I am speaking with both of them in these messages and as such will use both names when publishing them. 🙂


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