Lucas – Euro Crushed To Dead! Will The New Be Ours Soon? – 30 November 2011

The vagueness of the outcome of the discussions last night at the Euro Top  is  the signal towards the end of the system.  The Euro Top  could not find any  solution. The countries still  bickering about the old trenches they have been in for years did not help at all.  The ESFF (the Euro fund to save the system) has died last night.  The last resource they see in the IMF. The IMF  has an undefinable role to get money from somewhere. The arguments are that they are obligated to help the Euro because of the repercussions International. They shout the names of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India,China) and the USA. These will not pump any money in the system that is about to explode. The coming ten days so to say are crucial but there is already no solution. It is clear the Euro is finished in its present form and I personally think in any form hereafter. The walls come crushing down on the system one by one. Hooray, will this be the moment the new system could be rolled out and give the people back that was taken from them.  We will see.

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