Lucas – Knowing With The Heart, All Will Happen! – 30 November 2011

As I read Blossom Goodchild’s  last channeling (*1) and  Steve Beckow’s article today:   “Confidentially speaking……”(*2) and Ron van Dycke his video message today: “Where is the support” (*3) I had to write a message. My personal opinion is that you all have to do make up your own minds  in everything. I express that what my heart feels to communicate with you.

I will be still  confident in my knowing and trust the things will happen in time and on time for us as it is still our 3D experience. It is just not to comprehend for us as we have 3D time what has been done, what has been changed  and all that without us seeing, hearing, etc . Above, so to say,  the Lightbeings, Angels. Galactic Federation of Light, etc., go on with their business making the changes come into manifestation that the Divine has planned and need to be executed. Those changes, change every moment in our time line experience (even other timelines and parallel universes etc)  and the effects of that  also effect  the outcome here on earth.Changes and develeopments change things constantly.

Lots of people still seek outside themselves the solution. But you all are part of the solution in your own reach. You all are the yin and yang, the dark and the light sides of the same coin that is. We need to get back in balance being in the now as whole people/ Oneness in being One with ourselves the dark en the light side united. One with the All that  is being One with yourselves. One is being balancing the + and – to nothing or just existence of all that is.

The outside help will still be here even if we despair now and distrust, give up,etc. You have to be the One first yourselves. Acting in helping others become One. Become all One in unity consciousness. The system becoming One again in balance. You can help by acting in unity to bring balance and therefore manifest what is for all the best for all.  I feel my heart speaking to you to open up yourselves being One not being right or wrong, believing or distrusting, love or hate.

Just be One and know that is All needed in finding your way to ascension and bringing the manifestation of Heaven on Earth in the now . Learn from your own heart that is your new way of thinking. Feel what you need to know in becoming One. You will succeed as we All will succeed in becoming One again. The marvelous new world is just around the corner now. Time is not important nor is Oneness and ascension only dependent on outside help. You are the key to becoming One with All again. Know and  feel that with your heart.

Love and Light,



*1) Blossom Goodchild  ;

*2) Steve Beckow :

*3) Ron van Dycke video link

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3 responses to “Lucas – Knowing With The Heart, All Will Happen! – 30 November 2011

  1. All will happen, and all are ONE ……sure; that is also my belief!
    Still most of us experience 3D and for how many lives we have been programmed to react this way? All of us have looked in many mirrors to see a mirrored Self….not necessarily seeing or even being the Self or the ONE.
    Knowing is far more than having faith; it is experiencing and expecting amongst many other things. It is part of a process of learning.

    Learning to walk is not done by the knowing that you can do it, but by physical impulses and personal responses on this. Well in fact that is what 3D has learned us for so long. And now we need to learn first steps on the path : from understanding towards experiencing towards BEING the ALL ONE in the NOW.

    Just telling us that we need to be ONE etc. will not help anybody forward I think…sorry if I sound too loud here.
    Let us (be)come Helpers in how to walk this new conscious path; not by telling WHAT to do, but also HOW.

    • Peter, thanks for reading the message. What you can do en the how is what my message was about. It is a personal path to go Peter. That you still ask to be guided is OK but ask your higher self and your guides. We all are our own gurus that will lead us to nirvana. Find the key in being balanced yourself. The balance will fade out the extremes in duality in earths 3D found in all sorts of words that polarize, are opposites, positive-negative. See that being unbalanced is entering judging, thinking about, acting in extreme positive or extreme negative. Peace and balance is found there where the balance is not judgement, not acting in extremes. You become One in this way. Feel what is needed with the heart. Feel not think. You can help others just by becoming One yourself. You are the One you have been waiting for. Teach this. It sounds harsh to say it is not a guide or manual you get. It is still a do it yourself help seeking experience as it is a personal and for everybody different way to become One and go the way by choice to ascend. So I say, find the solution in your heart and in yourself. You are the key to the lock of your own being One in balance.

      Love and Light,


  2. Thanks Lucas for the good lesson and inspiration. Indeed it is the heart instead of the brain that should be followed in becoming balanced and being One.
    Love and Light for All