Radio Ann – The Council Of Twelve – Ain’t No Use Complainin – 30 November 2011

[Hello, this is Ann. I would like to ask a question.] Yes, Ann. This is the Council of Twelve. What is on your mind today? [About all this waiting around for a transformative event: Isn’t focusing on a lack of UFO disclosure the same as waiting for the rapture or the messiah? A continual state of unsatisfied longing? Seems like a painful way to live.]

Yes, we could not agree with you more. If you want a good future, attend to the present. Cause and effect will bring about the changes you wish to see. You cannot create inner peace and a satisfying future by being frustrated and discontented in the present. One thing leads to another. Emotions tend to become habitual. Do you think the future will be bright because you’re not happy now? No. That’s backwards. Be happy now. No matter what. Disclosure or not. NESARA or not. Occupy or don’t. 

Whatever your world is, make it work and be happy within it. The collective result of individual happiness is world peace. Every time a lightworker lowers his or her vibration with impatience, frustration, etc., that lowers the collective amount of light on the planet. The job is to stay positive. Did we say that’s easy? No. Is human life easy? No, it is not. Don’t expect easy. Expect challenge. That’s the fun of it! Rising to the challenge of remaining positive and hopeful no. matter. what. You’re going to die someday, anyway. This lifetime will come to an end. Smile every day and go out with a smile. Then you can report to your guides and report to yourself that you did the very best job you could of living.

Complaining, waiting, complaining, waiting . . . that’s not life. Doing, being, living, laughing, staying in the present moment and appreciating everything—that’s life! We’re here for you every day. You have support. Listen, it takes a lot of self-discipline to stay upbeat. That’s the game. That’s growth. Don’t indulge in low vibration thinking. It’s pure self-indulgence, and when you do it as a group, it creates nothing of value. You’re frustrated? Get away from your computer screen and do something productive, but don’t type out your negativity. No percentage in that. Absolutely no value at all.

Think a negative thought if you have to, then shake it off and think of something else. Go look at pictures of kittens, anything! But don’t type out your complaints, and don’t say them out loud if you want your vibe to be high. We’re sorry if this message sounds harsh or scolding, but we want what you want, and it pains us to see counterproductive actions.

If you’re in the mood to complain, fight that feeling. Go do something else. Clean your house. Check on a neighbor. Feed the birds—anything at all that jolts you out of your funk. Take responsibility for yourselves and the Universe will handle the rest. You’ll see what you want to see if you clear the clouds from your field of vision. Love, the Council.

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