Blossom Goodchild – Response To Her Readers – 1 December 2011

Me again! What? … So soon??

I simply had to write NOW rather than in a week or so when the dust has settled … to let everyone know that I am alright. In fact I am MORE than alright! I am Tickety Boo and then some. Could it be all the Light and Love that has been sent my way?

I am adorning snorkel and goggles due to swimming in a sea of emails. Hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of them. Sending me Love and feeling my pain … that’s why I had to send this out to say I am fine. Yes … the Nov 29th channelling was deeply painful (at the time), but Truly … once I had pressed the button late Tuesday evening … I awoke KNOWING in my heart I had done the right thing for me … at this time. When one stands in one’s Truth, it always let’s ones energy KNOW they have done the right thing.

Yet … if you would kindly indulge me a little while longer … due to the response received … there are a few things I would like to clarify.

The reason I chose to cease communication with The Federation of Light at this time as stated … is due to the discrepancies regarding statements from them referring to The Pillars Of Light. A lot of people have written in suggesting WE are the pillars etc. I had previously addressed this with ‘Them’.

May I just explain here where I am coming from for those who do not fully understand? Yet thankfully many many many do.

June 29, 2011 channel:

As I am asking questions … These Pillars of Light that you have talked about … when you presented them to me in my mind when you first spoke of them … well, I saw what I saw … huge structures of Light in the sky, and you said we would see them move, they would give off an immense energy and there would be NO denying as to what they were.

Indeed. And we have not changed our course regarding this.

Ok. Only some FEEL that WE are the Pillars of Light.

We would say that is in a manner of speaking. Yes, how your Light shines. Far more than you realize. Yet that which we have spoken of is as we said it would be.

And you said that is before the year is out?

This is so.

Aug 10 2011 channel:

Just a note for your diary … The pillars of light??? You said by the end of our year … just so you don’t forget. Many are looking out for them. I know we have 5 months, just didn’t want it to slip your mind … knowing how busy you are an’ all!

And how do you FEEL about them and the appearance of?

You know don’t you? But seeing as you asked there must be a reason. I would like them to show as you have said. Otherwise … I will of course have to consider correspondence with you. EVEN THOUGH … I KNOW you to be of TRUTH and how you are helping so many … it wouldn’t be right for you to say this and then not deliver the goods.

I accept your TRUTH about Oct 14th and why you could not do as you had wanted. I accept that Oct 14th was for many many reasons … But we have our TRUST in you … on a very deep level … and to not have a display of such when you said there would be one … would not make sense. Your ‘street cred’ would take yet another dive … and CLEARLY I don’t want that to happen. Do you see where I am coming from? Some say WE are the pillars, some say this, some say that. YOU said there would be pillars of great Light in the sky that would carry the most wonderful energy. For all to see. You did not say metaphorically etc …. you said that we could not miss them. So … I greatly look forward to seeing them …. OK??? Good. Marvellous! LOVE YA!

Point taken. Point understood. We smile at you as you are smiling at us. Our BENGS swell with LIGHT and Love at you as yours do at us. WE ARE ONE.

Oct 7th 2011 channel:

How brightly you are shining within your souls KNOWING in these times. Is there one of you that can say this is not so? For even those who may FEEL ill at ease … are also aware of the LIGHT that is deep within and of its emergence to the surface in order to transcend. Pillars of Light are you indeed.

Ha! You brought it up! (I am grinning from ear to ear)

It was our intention to do so. For would you not admit to conspiring thoughts of ‘jumping ship’ dearest lady … should these Pillars that we have spoken of not present themselves in the exact way we stated that they would?

Mmm! You’ve been listening in! Well, seeing that you obviously want this out in the open I am happy to go along with this request. Yes … I have considered stopping communication with you if this has not occurred by 2012. Not for ever … but until you deliver the goods.

So your TRUST in us is wavering a little?

Nope! Not at all. So I realize this may seem odd. Yet, the way I see it … it wouldn’t seem correct for you not to deliver as you have said … with all respect … because souls get disappointed and lose interest in what you have to say … however enlightening it may be. That’s all really. We still have a while yet … so I see little point in wasting time on this, as these pillars may appear at any time.

We prefer to redirect your query to the possibilities of such occurrences coming into LIGHT well in the time frame of that which we speak. It is unnecessary for us to be of concern regarding this matter. Do you FEEL understood?

Do I FEEL understood? Or do you mean do I understand?

We mean what we say. Do you FEEL understood?

Sorry lost the plot here. About what?

About who you are?

It really doesn’t matter if I am or not. I do what I do because I KNOW it is what I am meant to be doing. What is the need for this question please?

Because its relevance is necessary to the subject matter we have been digesting.

The Pillars of Light?

Indeed. Let us progress further … do you FEEL understood … by us?

Oh! Never really thought about it. I just always assume you ‘KNOW ME’ and therefore ‘accept’ my ways and thoughts. Therefore, I guess … Yes I FEEL understood by you.

Yet you question our motives?

Nope. Your motive to bring these ‘pillars of Light’ to be displayed to us is only of Highest intention. It is not your motive … you misunderstand … it is my concern that if these Pillars of Light are not presented … you will have many people lose faith in you and all the work you have done . I can’t actually believe we are still on the subject to be honest.

Yet we find it of importance from YOUR point of view Blossom. For as you are aware … WE are aware of your thoughts regarding this.

And then of course the entire Nov 24th channelling which led me to the place I am now.

SO as you can see hopefully … for me … as the messenger, I needed to do something about this. It did not FEEL right to continue at this time.

And yet … how funny … how odd … maybe it is ‘conditioning’, maybe pride … who knows … I still FEEL unconditional Love for them. Unconditional … (NO conditions attached). My heart looked up at the stars last night and said with a smile ‘and where do we go from here chaps?’

I do not intend to link up with them at this stage … Although I have only been able to skim over the emails at this point … the general consensus is ‘enough is enough’.

However … All their teachings of Love and Light are still available on my site and it may be a good time to start at the very beginning and do some revision. To me there is so much wisdom offered.

I may not be making sense to some … how can I have unconditional Love for them when I have just told these ‘High Beings of Light’ to basically get on their bike? (with all respect). Yet I feel I have made myself clear as to why.

So here we are on Earth doing what we are doing the best we can. To stand in one’s Truth is what ‘They’ have taught us . So I am.

Truly, Truly, Truly I am absolutely fine. I THANK EVERYONE for such kindness and generosity of heart sent. It would be ridiculous for me to even attempt to answer each and every email. Yet I have every intention of making sure I read in depth everyone. When I get to ‘yours’, you will know, as I will send a reply simply saying ‘Thank you’! For I sincerely do.

For those who are unsure … WHITE CLOUD is not the same as The Federation of Light. Although I recall it was said at some stage that ‘he’ is part of the organisation. Are not we all? And nope … I have heard nothing from him about this … yet. I stand on my own two feet. It is only when desperate I stand on top of his and we dance around together.

I FEEL great. I am ready to do whatever my soul asks me next to do. It seems my humour is enjoyed by many and I am being asked to remain ‘In the loop’. I FEEL I will via newsletter and blog. I’m sure I will be one of those souls that when I leave my Earthly coil the coroner will say ‘She’s dead … but she won’t lie down’!

Speaking of humour to keep this ‘LIGHT’ : My joke of the year.

A guy found a sheep and showed him to a policeman. The policeman said, “Take that sheep to the zoo, now.” Next day the policeman sees the man with the sheep again. The policeman stops the guy and says, “What on earth are you doing with that sheep. I thought I told you to take him to the zoo?” The guy says, “Yesterday I took him to the zoo , so today I’m taking him to the movies.”

On a more serious note. I feel so very blessed to have such support behind me, in front of me and by my side. How wonderful to have you share your thoughts and offer your advice … on what for me was a HUGE decision yet a necessary one.

Really nothing has changed. We have been asked to remember who we are … LOVE. At the end of the day … it’s as simple as that. That is all we need KNOW. That is all we need DO. That is all we need BE.

THANK YOU EVERYONE. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for your healing thoughts and Love. They worked instantly!

I pay forward to you MY

Love Light Laughter and those Gracious Golden Rays.


ps. I want to acknowledge the translator team for the giving of their precious time … enabling The Federation Of Light’s messages to reach so many countries. Thank you so very much to all involved.

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