Lucas – Ashtar – Disclosure, “Soon” Explained And The Heart As Your Thinking Centre – 1 December 2011

(Lucas) Hello Ashtar. I  thank you for connecting  to me again. First  could you give us some information on the recent developments in disclosure and first contact.

Beloved friends I am Ashtar and glad to speak to you all. I will answer the questions of Lucas and also address something  we have been talking about earlier in private to be relevant to you all.

I am here to tell you in short things are advancing quicker than anticipated. We nearing our goals. The news will come out soon. Then you will be informed about what we have been doing and what has been kept from you.  We will not announce a specific date for disclosure nor our arrival but you will know instantly when things happen.

The word “Soon”is what you (Lucas) spoke of earlier with me. It has become a loaded word. I will elaborate a bit on this. 

(Lucas) Yes, of course Ashtar it is important to us.

In this phase nearly completing our tasks on the disclosure announcement made and our first contact missions it is not a good idea telling “ dark ones” about it. We recognize the need  still being carefull and we will not have unwanted interference on Earth from the last opposition. All must be preferred joyful, loving and peaceful.

“Soon” and other words are maybe in earths language misconceived and are not concrete enough for your Earthly  consciousness. The not mentioning a time or timelines are answered by you in a lot of cases with disappointment, unrest, feeling dragging things forward, not having trust anymore and other ways mentioning in words your negative emotions or impatience. The mentioned feelings and all the emotions have been felt by us in our hearts.

We will arrive “soon”. We fulfill the tasks we have gotten to execute the Divine Plan. Things have their own fluid way of behaving. See it like droplets connect, droplets interconnect, droplets disappear/evaporate. Some droplets become solid ice and some droplets melt. This analogy shows things change and develop even as we speak now. So what was one moment is not the other moment so to speak. We have to obey the Divine rules and have to take a lot of things in account as there are the different timelines, dimensions, parallel universes and many more things to monitor and access. Maybe you now see that, even as in some communications in the past dates or times were mentioned, it is a not an easy task to give one in 3D time.  So we do not anymore about disclosure and first contact untill time has come to give the go. And  in that moment you will know.

Keep also in mind that you have also your own responsibility in your and earths ascension. You have to go your own way also. Independent of what is done by us.

(Lucas) Thanks Ashtar. Ashtar could you say a few things about the heart as our thinking centre?

I will answer gladly. The heart is more than an organ expressed in the physical you. The heart is always been connected with love and emotions of feeling love. Also the opposite pain of the heart or heart egg to point out the loss of love and happiness is part of this. In this moment of Earths developments and you as humans your hearts have become that what your brains were. It is now your thinking centre. It is even more complicated. The heart is also your connection to the higher self and the God/Creator of all that is. You feel and do not think anymore that what you need to know. This is for many a quite difficult concept. It brings a great stir in the already troubled waters of your lives. You can feel the thinking become feeling and emotions. You can be swept from right to left in your behaviour sometimes. This can be unexpected. The already ever-increasing love wave of energy coming in  will continue and can be making things a bit more inconvenient.  And more is still to come.

Some of you will also feel sick like having a flu, being tired without a normal cause. These are some of the physical manifestations of the energies loading down and integrating into your being. Keep in mind to love and forgive yourself. As you do also others. It is a great way clearing energies of negativity from you towards yourself as well from you towards others. Feel the change after doing so. Your heart is opening up more after this.  Like clearing your mind.

So I will be ending our contact for now as you are tired Lucas.  I will say to you all we long to meet you all soon. We sent our love towards you.  Know we are helping in the way intended by the Divine Plan and All will happen as the plan dictates it. Soon will be the time you least expected it to be.

Ashtar channeled by Lucas

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  1. Tnankyou for the support and information.I first read’ you are becoming a galactic human’ many years ago in New Zealand poss10-12 years and i have always kept it with me,as i constantly refer to it.i am a musician here in NZ and also nominated as Maori Peace Ambassador 4-5 years.i have just j returned from Europe where i spoke in France and Amsderdam on the subject of inner Peace.Getting to know that beauty and silence within your inner being.Feeling that and staying connected.thankyou again and what a wonderfull time to be here and servre our brothers and sisters in this way,best wishes and much love to all our familly. BillyTK SNR