Radio Ann – GFL Communication Team – 1 December 2011

Dec. 1 Thurs. Hello. This is the GFL communication center. Hello to you this fine day. We are in our station, monitoring the progress of the collective light quotient in the human population. It is rising steadily and soon the effects of the increase will be visible to all.
You can see for yourself that the old ways are deteriorating. Humanity is causing the breakdown and will soon rebuild a new and better way in many areas of daily endeavor. Chaos is a necessary component in creation. Have you seen a building being demolished? It’s a messy process – dust and dirt and piles of debris. When the ground is cleared, a new building can take its place. 
Now humankind is in the demolition phase. You are pulling apart the institutions that no longer serve you in order to build something far more functional. The process will continue for some time. Be aware, as in physical construction, that demolition takes very little time. Rebuilding is time consuming. Further, plans must be drawn up before construction can begin. You need blueprints, many of which are already available and “on file” in the inner planes. Your collective ability to access them depends on your collective level of spiritual awareness and development. In other words, look for a lot of breakdown in 2012 followed by years of painstaking reconstruction. There will be delays, false starts, differences of opinion – the usual cacophonous, bubbling stew of human success and folly along the way.
We suggest that you adopt an attitude of bemusement and detachment. The coming years will have a little something for everyone! There are many wonderful inventions in the etheric pipeline. The thought forms have been transmitted to many of your scientists and technically proficient engineering types, some of whom will manifest the ideas in practical ways. This is how we and the ascended masters operate: we broadcast (or narrowcast in certain cases) ideas and information, knowing that only one or a few people will actually do something with the ideas. This is why you will often see two or more similar inventions coming to market at the same time. But we digress.
The purpose of today’s transmission is to let you know that much is afoot! Not all of it will be easy, pleasant or comfortable to watch. Many of you will feel the impact of changes in your own lives, others will be concerned observers. We’ll promise you this much: It won’t be dull. Take good care of yourselves. Good health is paramount if you wish to participate fully in Earth’s awakening. We wish that for you in any case. We are your partners in Earthly ascension. Over and out. The GFL communication team.

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