Ruth Ryden – You Are Part Of An Enormous Creative Plan Of God – 30 November 2011

Ruth: Masters, our country and the rest of the world are going around in circles, and this coming month and the turn of the year has so many worried and concerned about our government breaking down, not to mention countries trying to change their leaderships by violence and protests. Would you please comment on what you see for us in December in this regard and a little bit into the much-prophesied predictions for 2012?

MASTERS: Looking at your world from the point of view of the history of millions of other planets and civilizations, your planet is in a state of a tremendous transformation that is extremely difficult for the beings of matter that reside on it. This is the continuance of creation and will continue until the transformation is complete. By that, we mean that seasonal weather will be changed to some extent, bringing the seasons into new yearly settings; weather patterns will be easily predicted, and the intelligence and wisdom of humanity will come together in unity, instead of throwing separate belief systems in each other’s faces. All of the channeled messages have, in one way or another, been trying to tell humanity the same thing, in different ways.

You know by now that your planet is stretching and shifting its upper crust, causing quakes and magma explosions. More importantly, the explosions in the minds of men and women are becoming even more expansive all over the world, as humankind is being nudged into the reality of the spiritual nature of all things. Your universe is only one of an unlimited totality of creation, which continues constantly. It will take many years for the younger generation to overcome the petty differences and realize that religions are man-made to honor the Creator, but set into place to further the power of their leaders. Governments that are today in crisis will make their way into uneasy coalitions that will go one way, then another, until it is finally recognized that humanity needs to pull together, be kind to each other, and find the truth of their being. The elections being held in other countries are in for the long haul, as there is still not enough understanding among the populations as to what needs to be done. Your upcoming U.S. governmental elections will be a swirl of fingers pointing at each other, until, finally, there will be a breakthrough of understanding and your leader will be confirmed.

Tune out all of the nasty accusations you will be hearing, and listen with your inner wisdom and heart. The ancient predictions were given to those people to show them that their world would go on for a long time and approximately what might happen near this 2012 time period. What they foresaw is already happening. Dates are merely a point of reference. People are being killed for trying to bring the changes into reality, for they came to be the ones who will make a real difference in the workings of their governments. Honor them in memory. You will see many changes also in the consciences of those who presently govern, especially in the United States. The imbalances of power have become all too apparent and your population have come to the point of saying, “Do it right, or get out!” What happens is now in your hands alone, to bring about global and governmental transformations as quickly as you can use your strength and determination to do so. The transformations are not written in cement, as you say, but in the formation of the intent; time or a date is not a factor here. Again, listen to your inner guidance in whatever situation you find yourselves in, and be a part of this transformation in whatever way you are placed. You all have a part in this.

As to weather conditions around the world in December, definite predictions would be, at this point impossible, for the frequencies bombarding the Earth from space, and the Sun’s flares are happening as the consequence of the re-positioning of the planet within your solar system. Obviously, the normal seasonal conditions will not be normal, and this applies all around the planet. Earthquakes will be increasing in known areas, and the possibility of volcanic eruptions will also increase, and this extends to anywhere in the world where the fault lines are deep and known. Expect that winters will be colder; summers will be hotter and drier. Heavy snowfalls in mountains will cause many landslides, and deserts will become wider and more arid. Water is becoming an important issue in most of the world, as the deep reserves are being rapidly withdrawn. Natural gas is being drawn on to lessen the need for oil, but causing numerous earthquakes from the faults they intrude upon. This is a time to conserve what you have, not rush out and throw your money away for nonessentials. In other words, expect the unexpected, and be ready to deal with the conditions as they occur. This will not be an easy month, and the rest of the winter will need to be planned for, with warm clothing and ample fuel for warmth in the northern climes. In the southern parts of the world, it will be important to conserve water in whatever way is possible, for this will be a problem.

Not a lot of good news, but for you, the incarnated souls of the universe, this is a tremendous challenge, both personally, and globally. You have come to be an important part of this, and those who determine to help only themselves by their selfish actions will be very sorry when they return to spirit, not having accomplished their lifetime purposes.

This is an extremely important time to be in a human body, for you are part of an enormous creative Plan of God. We are always with you, just ask for help when you need it, and listen for the answer, whatever or however it may come. Enjoy the Christmas season with your families and friends, and do something nice for those who are alone.

Christmas Message from the Masters of Light

Finding Peace on Earth

In Christian Countries of the world, the focus of world peace has always been strongest during the month celebrating the birth of Jesus. Peace and love among all peoples were His most important messages. Today, that focus is constant as wars between races, religions and countries scar the earth and bodies of millions of people almost daily. Where is the Peace that the Angels promised? It is with you now &it always has been.

It was not peace between people and nations the message relayed; the Angels told of the Inner Peace that connects to the Mind of God, which automatically generates Good Will to Men! Consider that and see how very right it feels. The message was, and always has been, that humanity has that divine connection and it is only a matter of understanding and accepting the reality in order to be able to reach down deep within to access the Perfect Peace of God.

The message was not just for the followers-to-be of Jesus, but for the entire world. The words of the Angels were carefully preserved so that their meaning would eventually be understood by all humankind.

The word Peace as it is commonly used now, denotes the state of a lack of hostilities, in any form. When the world can live in such a state, able to raise children in a safe environment, grow food without unfair restrictions or mandated procedures, travel to any destination without hindrance, live and work with each other cheerfully, giving and sharing in joy, the world will experience the existence of real peace.

Before any of this can happen, however, before the world can come into the promised new age of peace, every living being must come to accept the Inner Peace & the inner connection with All That Is. How can a person who seethes with resentments live in peace with his/her brothers and sisters, giving and taking fairly and honestly? How can a person who lives with fear every day of his/her life, expecting a tragedy around every corner, relax and enjoy what life can really be? How can a person who must fill his/her ego with thoughts of supremacy work and live with those who are considered of no consequence because they look, think, and worship differently than they do? Inner Peace erases all such discrepancies.

How does one access this Inner Peace? The heavy clouds of daily cares, appointments, schedules, car repairs, computer breakdowns, keeping the kids in line, problems in relationships, etc., etc., keep the mind in many different focuses at once, all trying to command the primary attention. Emotions that spring from the daily round of thoughts engulf the nervous system, the heart, muscles, and the digestive system. Constant television commercials publicize certain diseases or common ailments, blowing them up to encourage the mind to accept the premise that the listener must certainly need their high-priced drugs to ease their suffering. Millions of dollars are spent each day for drugs that are not needed and do tremendous damage to the bodies they are supposed to be helping. Listen to the very quiet and rapid recitation of side effects that go with the ads for drugs. One even admits that the drug might bring on the flu as a side effect! Listen carefully!

All of these things keep the mind and body in a state of tension that forbids the conscious mind to relax and set aside a few minutes every so often to tap into the Inner Peace. Indeed, how often do most people even think about communication with their Creator through a few moments of prayer during their day? Would you believe that even a short “Hello!” to the spiritual sources of all things is welcomed as the acknowledgment of the reality? A few “Thank You’s” to your Angels for making things easier is very welcomed, too. If you cannot do this, accessing Inner Peace is impossible. You must know that it IS there! You must know that it takes the determination on your part to put your mind into a state of stillness in order to find that Peace. One does not have to sit in meditation for an hour to find it, although many people find this is the only way to train their minds to be still.

Inner Peace is not just a state of mind, but the very profound connection with universal energy and Creative Power. When that connection is made, even if only for a few minutes, it suddenly becomes apparent that all of the spiteful thoughts, all of the anger, all of the tangled webs of humankind, are simply of no real importance. The answers to problems become simplified, the blocks of memory or thought suddenly become clear again. You can see and understand the confusion behind all of the rhetoric of fear and annihilation that is produced by minds denied the clarity of Inner Peace.

European and Eastern nations who have been killing each other over the acquisition of ancestral lands, trying to erase those who think, speak and worship differently than they, continue their thoughts of hate and retaliation. Revenge for the terrible wrongs that have been committed is creating more terrible wrongs. This part of the world will not see a peaceful world for themselves and their descendants for a long, long time. The enlightened few are struggling bravely to turn this kind of thinking around, but it will not be easy. Where and when will it end? Worse yet is the infection of bias and bigotry that has been part of the human race for centuries.

When Inner Peace has been accessed, the realization of absolute unity with all humanity comes into view. One understands that the outer appearance is only a façade that spiritual beings use to experience a lifetime in matter. Yes, there are differences between spiritual beings, too, for the Creator saw to it that each created being is an individual, with its own thoughts and goals. That is why personalities differ so drastically. All of the experiences each being undergoes through the eternal stages of their lives, both in spirit and in matter, molds the spiritual personality just as much as the human personality, affecting the thoughts and goals of the incarnated soul. It is the Inner Peace, that connection with the Mind of God, that directs the beings towards wisdom and knowledge of the highest order. It is the Inner Peace that fuels the recognition of each person you meet as a part of yourself in some way. All of the qualities and characteristics of humanity are mirrored in the people you associate with every day. This realization is a beautiful relief from all of the little petty attitudes and resentments that are carried in the heart and mind & they hold you down and keep you from the joy you really desire! You realize you are no different from those you thought were either not as good as you, or so much better than you! All expressions of life are different as each individual reacts to them in different ways, echoing many eons of experiences. Inner Peace brings all of the Creator’s children together in simple, perfect Love.

Peace on Earth can be accomplished in your own home when both parents recognize the harmony and clarity that comes when peace is part of the thinking process, a part that remains close to the surface of the conscious mind, regardless of the many problems that surface each day. Disagreements can be quickly solved because of the clarity of mind that sees both sides of a question without the ego interfering. Negative outside influences can be explained to children from a universal, spiritual point of view instead of letting emotions run wild. This clarity of mind helps to avoid dangerous situations and/or to react without the mind turning to mush. The inner connection, when used constantly, eventually brings one to a point where the lies or misconceptions of others are seen without effort. Commercials or other methods of mind control are no longer of any effect. Inner Peace is a clarifier of thought and a kind, loving touch to the heart and the emotions. If humanity had never discovered this, your world would not have lasted this long!

The Inner Peace we are speaking of is NOT some namby, pamby, weak emotion that invites the scorn of others! It is an extremely powerful force, drawing upon the energy of the universe! As one dwells within the influence of this Inner Peace, it is like standing on a mountaintop, able to command all that you see, hear and feel in perfect harmony, a place where the personality has the feeling of supreme self-confidence.

Please help others to realize what a wondrous piece of creation they really are. They are partially a spiritual being that has all the knowledge of the universe at its fingertips, and partially a human being who is trying to understand life at a physical level, bringing a lifetime into real focus.

As this year comes to a close, it is apparent that the world is changing rapidly, bringing new experiences and challenges never even thought of in prior years. Finding your own Inner Peace will bring the realization that it is humanity itself that will bring world peace to perfection. You are the catalyst that will turn humankind’s concept of life and living completely around. As you live within the inner light and by the loving laws of the Creator, a new world is coming into play, just as planned. You are its Creators!

Peace on Earth WILL become a reality, for this is the Plan of God.

Channeler: Ruth Ryden,  30 November, 2011, via posted by Chezanni link to article

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