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David Wilcock… More Comments on Benjamin Fulford’s 11-28-11 Article… – 2 December 2011

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These three comments by David on Benjamin Fulford’s 11-28-11 article (“Chaos prevails… as the financial fraud unravels“) appeared in the last 3 days, and today was the first time I had seen them. Recall that David made an initial comment on Ben’s article, which you may view here. From this series of comments, we learn that David did conduct the interview, has written an accompanying article, and he says, “The interview transcript is complete and the posting should occur within the next 2 days.” We can look forward to that. Continue reading


Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 2 December 2011

There is no doubt that matters on Earth are now coming to a head, and it should eventually lead to many of the changes that we have been telling you about for quite some time. By and large your faith has stayed strong, and now you will begin to see some positive action taken. There is after all a divine date that still stands as the final one beyond which we shall no longer tolerate delay. If need be we shall take direct action, but one way or another we will soon commence our plan for your final release from the dark Ones. The European crisis could yet see a number of countries default on the payment of their loans, and that has put other countries in the European Group at risk. It is also putting other countries outside of Europe at risk, so you have not seen anything yet compared to what the outcome is likely to be. If you continue to see these as exciting times, you will not be pulled into the panic that is likely to occur. Continue reading

Steve Beckow- Archangel Michael – On 12/12 – 1 December 2011

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The Fed Grants 7.77 Trillion In Secret Bank Loan – Now Do You Understand Occupy Wall Street?

The Fed Grants 7.77 Trillion in Secret Bank Loan – Now Do You Understand Occupy Wall Street?. via http://www.stevebeckow.com by Pat Donworth 1 Dec. 2011.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), a longtime advocate for reform of the Federal Reserve, is sharply criticizing the Federal Reserve today after Bloomberg news reported that the Federal Reserve secretly committed nearly $8 trillion in support to American and international financial institutions during the 2008 bailout. Kucinich recorded a video for his website before going to the floor of the House of Representatives to call upon Congress to reclaim its Constitution primacy over monetary policy.