Steve Beckow- Archangel Michael – On 12/12 – 1 December 2011

via – 1 December 2011 – by Steve Beckow link to original article

BZ Riger has produced a wonderful video showcasing Archangel Michael’s contextualizing discussion of 12/12.  At one point I asked the Boss what made 12/12 the event the Company of Light chose since it’s only a date on the Gregorian calendar and he gave us a little background on how the choices were made and how long ago they were made.

He also explains what will be happening on 12/12 and what won’t. We discussed the matter that many lightworkers were disappointed with 11/11 and he explained something of what we need to keep in mind about these events. It was a good interview. The next one on Dec. 10 I want to give over to to a discussion of the Angelic Kingdom. AAM will be bringing some “friends” with him. So thanks to BZ for our video.

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