Montague Keen – 4 December 2011

My dear, you never expected to have to do so much research, to delve into the past to unravel the truth. Had I understood all this when I was on Earth, I would most certainly have done so myself. I had no idea, then, the enormity of the corruption and how it affected everyone on your planet. You are aware of the many hours I spent looking into what we were led to believe was the one and only Bible and that it was a true and honest version of events. Though I found many flaws and serious questions that needed answers when I studied all the so-called “holy books”, I did not find the answers until I passed to Spirit. I can now say that even the cleverest forgers and falsifiers are not safe from exposure.

Though replacing IESA for the wholly fictitious Jesus has brought great riches for the Roman Church, it required tremendous effort to make it appear to the world that he had actually existed. Many millions died in the carrying out of this terrible plan. It required changing place names for these fictitious characters to have lived. They falsified the world’s history. They substituted it for a tissue of lies and inventions. This deception – the suppression of truth – is a crime against humanity. Truth is progressing in spite of the oppressors. It will open the eyes of mankind to this great fraud.

“The Irish race has suffered humiliation even to this day, through the willful traduction and carefully directed perversion of their history.” It is time to unlearn what you have been taught. Open your minds to the truth. It is almost beyond belief that A FRAUD SO STUPENDOUS COULD ESCAPE SO LONG WITHOUT DISCOVERY. The thoroughness and extent to which this plot was carried out, the magnitude of the forces employed in the work, the propaganda, systematically spread abroad to create a false impression of everything pertaining to the history of Ireland and her people. This secret is jealously guarded. The IRISH HOLOCAUST was carried out to reduce the numbers, to destroy her people. The Irish are the ARYAN RACE, people of the Light. Despite all that they have suffered they have never lost their humanity. Ireland is the cradle of humanity. There is a lot to learn from studying this beautiful island.

When you understand the truth, the real history of your world, then you can go forward into the light. Your oppressors will no longer have control over everything in your lives. It’s time to know real freedom. We constantly tell you that the truth will set you free. It’s time to step out of the nightmare you call life. It is only when you pass to Spirit that you can see clearly just how oppressed you were from cradle to grave.

We continue to obstruct the paths of your oppressors though they would never admit to this. They control everything you read, hear, and see. Their claims become more ridiculous each day. They insult your intelligence when they produce “reasons and evidence” why they must go to war. I ask you, is there anyone out there who is foolish enough to believe them? How many times do they use the same old formula before you wake-up and say, “NO. The killing must stop”.

It is heartening for us to see more of you opening up to the truth each day. When you awaken, your heart fills with love. You see everything in a different light. It is life-changing. You cease to be the robot your oppressors want you to be. You open up to your fellow man and you see life in a very different way. Your family and friends plus your greater family world-wide become more real to you as you realise that you are all one. When you learn who you are, all will become clear to you. You will reconnect with the universe. You have so much to discover about yourselves. The secrets of the universe will no longer be secret, only to be known to those at the top of the pyramid. All that was kept from you will be yours. Free energy will be one of the first things to become available to everyone. The Vatican has kept this and so much more from you, all for gain and control, while pretending to preach love and tolerance.

Their plans are falling apart. Desperation is what you are seeing, where once, there was arrogance and confidence.

We are seeing a thirst for enlightenment. People are searching for truth. There are many for you to look to, who have done the research, found the answers, and want to share them with you. It has never been easier to find the truth. Help each other. Share what you know. Remember it is hard to accept that what you have believed and lived by, is in fact, not true and that it was used to control you. So please be gentle and understanding at all times. Appreciate the brave souls who have stepped forward to share their truth with you. They quickly become the victims of ridicule and attack.

Look at those who attack. What are they hiding? Why do they need to destroy another who speaks truth? It is the ones who attack the fiercest that have the most to hide, otherwise they would ignore it. They are certainly on the attack, using all means at their disposal to destroy those who dare to question.

Everything should be open to scrutiny. Truth can no longer be hidden. The destruction of man can no longer be tolerated. Man’s inhumanity to man must stop.

I know, my dear, that at times it’s very painful for you to be separated from me. We had so much. I show you all the time that I am still beside you, that I will never leave you. We continue to work together. This is our mission. Love is the most precious experience. Treasure it always.

Your adoring, Monty.


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