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Radio Ann – Conversation With My Higher Self About Parallel Lives – 6 December 2011

Conversation with My Higher Self about Parallel Lives
[Hello, may I speak with my HS?] Yes, hello, Ann. This is your HS. We are here to counsel, support, teach.
[So, parallel lives: Mine would be lawyer, Broadway performer, college prof, drug dealer, unhappy housewife. Yes?]
Yes, these lives exist in the other dimensions. [So am I in jail in one lifetime?] Not now, but you did time. [Still married to JB?] Yes, unhappily. [That freaks me out.] No, no, it’s very good. You’re getting it all done. [And in one life I’m single?] Yes, you’re on your own, making your own way very nicely. Continue reading

Suzanne Poulson Spooner – Second Discussion Of Parallel Lives With Prilon, My High Self & God – 6 December 2011

[Hello Prilon & God.] Hello Suzy, we are here today to give you further understanding on your parallel lives. [That’s great, I am ready!] Since our last message you have had several dream-time adventures with your parallel lives. [Yes, I remember some, others have faded away but I was conscious when it was happening and shortly after waking up.] Yes, and in those experiences you knew you were in both realities at once. [Yes, but I would typically call it dreaming or being awake.] That is fine & relatable to others. Continue reading

Lauren Gorgo – The Arrivel Of Universal Love – 6 December 2011

Lauren Gorgo

originally published 3 Dec. 2011


“As the new-human prototypes fully activate and physically embody the frequencies of universal LOVE, mother earth receives the nourishing scalar energies needed to ease her labor pains…as do each of you.” -Seven Sisters of Pleiades Continue reading

Will Harader – Lightworkers The Moment Is Now! – 6 December 2011


~ Lightworkers, the Moment is Now! ~

So many of those who consider themselves Lightworkers are currently holding themselves back. So many watch all the negativity and conflict around them and do very little or nothing to stop it. This isn’t working, Lightworkers aren’t here to avoid these problems. Light doesn’t shy away from the darkness, Light shines upon it until there isn’t anymore darkness. Continue reading

Wes Annac – The Pleiadian High Council On Our Disappointments, Looking Within And Giving Up Lower Attachments – 5 December 2011

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Our scribe has requested that we no longer give updates concerning disclosure and Resumed Contact, but dear ones we give you such updates for a clear reason. We will be directly working with many of you when the time comes to heal this world, and as such we wish to establish not just a partnership, but a friendship with you. As such, we give you the updates as to what is going on to a certain extent; we share with you what we can but for the purposes of keeping confidential information away from your dark who would use such information to our dis-advantage, we must be careful in what we share. There are certain matters and developments that we must, only temporarily, keep hidden. We do not enjoy such lack of transparency, but we do what is necessary to help release you from the very tight grip of the dark on your world. The dark is not used to being told no or losing, as throughout your history they have been able to use money to get nearly anything they wanted. Continue reading

Greg Giles – Pleiadian Messages – 5 December 2011

Find mind altering solutions without having to resort to artificial and hazardous chemical compounds. Even in small or moderate doses, certain toxins entered into the body can cause much damage to the circulatory system, brain, nervous system, and vital organs. Now is not the time for such excursions from reality, but today is a day for much preparation for your journey into a higher dimension, where there is so much to do and enjoy that a need or want for mind altering experiences does not exist. Try to remember that all lessons are for your betterment, and that escapes, no matter how brief or mild, are detrimental to your learning and your growth.  Continue reading

Fran Zepeda – Message From Archangel Michael – Waves Of Love – 5 December 2011

Greetings, I come before you today to give a message of love. Many of you are prepared for a huge awakening in your lives and world. There is a quickening, an expansion of energy never experienced before. Some feel it as a stillness, and an opening of their hearts. Be prepared for experiences you have only dreamed of. Everywhere, there is a deep churning of energy that is building to a crescendo of gigantic proportions. Be prepared for huge changes in your inner lives and your outer lives. Many of the things that once interested you, you are now finding of no interest. Love is transforming you in many ways, dear ones. Continue reading