Greg Giles – Pleiadian Messages – 5 December 2011

Find mind altering solutions without having to resort to artificial and hazardous chemical compounds. Even in small or moderate doses, certain toxins entered into the body can cause much damage to the circulatory system, brain, nervous system, and vital organs. Now is not the time for such excursions from reality, but today is a day for much preparation for your journey into a higher dimension, where there is so much to do and enjoy that a need or want for mind altering experiences does not exist. Try to remember that all lessons are for your betterment, and that escapes, no matter how brief or mild, are detrimental to your learning and your growth. 

Looking back through the years, you may begin to see that certain events where triggered for your need to learn a specific lesson. It was decided by you yourself that this lesson needed to be learned, not by others, and never without your consent. We of the higher realms see and feel your struggles throughout your physical incarnations and we wish we could step in and end them all for you, but of course we cannot do this as all your planning you worked so hard on would be destroyed, and all your difficult experiences would be for naught. We are eager to see you through these last days of your earthly 3rd dimensional lessons and ‘graduate’ into the higher realms which is everything you wished for before your current incarnation. This was your dream. This was your greatest desire and motivation. The purpose of this incarnation was not to acquire great sums of money, become a great sports figure or star of the silver screen, but to earn your divine wings that will enable you to soar high and away from any need for money, power, or fame. If these careers were not scripted into your incarnate blueprint, then the lessons tied to these experiences were not called for in order for you to advance on your journey. That’s what it’s all about. So many have pondered this question and still today so many great minds spend many long hours trying to come to some understanding of what mankind considers humanity’s greatest mystery;  what is life all about ? As you now stand at the threshold of every need, want, desire, or dream that you have ever had, have you also reached a greater understanding of this question?
Realize beloveds that you are now at the very end of your very long and difficult journey. Know that you have suffered and struggled so much to reach this miraculous point. Know that even though you knew each successive physical incarnation would mean many long years of perceived loneliness, hardship, struggle and strife, you never hesitated to leave your beautiful home in the spirit realms. Considering this, ask yourself what enormous prize awaits you at the end of your final journey into the physical. This is the question to ponder today, as this prize awaits you just beyond the door you stand before today. Soon you will open this door, and all your dreams will be there waiting, just for you.
We are your family from the stars
As channeled through Greg Giles

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