Radio Ann – Conversation With My Higher Self About Parallel Lives – 6 December 2011

Conversation with My Higher Self about Parallel Lives
[Hello, may I speak with my HS?] Yes, hello, Ann. This is your HS. We are here to counsel, support, teach.
[So, parallel lives: Mine would be lawyer, Broadway performer, college prof, drug dealer, unhappy housewife. Yes?]
Yes, these lives exist in the other dimensions. [So am I in jail in one lifetime?] Not now, but you did time. [Still married to JB?] Yes, unhappily. [That freaks me out.] No, no, it’s very good. You’re getting it all done. [And in one life I’m single?] Yes, you’re on your own, making your own way very nicely.
[So what’s the purpose again?] To experience everything and learn! [And am I learning in the other lives?] Yes, yes, and yes. It’s all according to divine plan. Working out well.
[Am I also a masseuse, a producer/studio exec?] Yes, all of those things were available to you and you passed. The current lifetime is the most energized one because you chose it. The other lives exist as holograms. They are real in their way, just as movies are real – there are images projected on a screen, physical objects involved, but the reality is temporal and exists as potential. Your other lives exist like holographic movies, on file in the Akashic record. You will review the file when you transition, and you will see how your actual choices served you or not. This is the purpose of the alternate “realities.” Comparison, study, review. It’s all a learning experience, but you don’t have to suffer the consequences of choices not made. Is that clear? [Yes. Thank you.]
[Wait, if I was in jail in one life, then wasn’t I suffering?] Only in terms of play-acting. Just as you were able to conjure real emotions when you were acting on the stage, your alternate self was play-acting that circumstance. It’s not an experience that accrued to your karma, just your understanding. [Ah, thank you.] You’re welcome.

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