Greg Giles – Who Are The Inner-Earth Agarthans? – 7 December 2011

 Our story begins far into our distant path, beyond even the days of Atlantis, all the way to the very days that our beautiful host planet was being born into this universe. One of the many lies we were taught in school was that our planet’s center is a core of red hot magma. (Insert Dr. Evil voice over here.) In reality, while a planet enters the cooling stage it is also spinning at a great speed. This naturally creates a centrifugal force which causes the inner makeup of the planet to hollow out, creating an inhabitable area roughly the same size as the outer surface world. All that is needed is an energy or light source, such as a central sun, and this can be accomplished either by natural or technological means.

Millions of years after our planet was formed, the continent of Atlantis disappeared beneath the waves. Escaping the destruction were a small percentage of the inhabitants of this advanced world. Some of these groups settled in areas known today as Egypt and Central and South America, and another group safely migrated to the inner Earth and with them the history and advanced technologies of Atlantis.  This group is known as the Agarthans, and they have continued to develop unmolested by the dark cabal unlike their surface world cousins. We will soon be reuniting with our long lost brethren, and this reunion will mirror the events of the 1980’s when the Berlin wall finally came down allowing the West German people to reunite with their East German family.Famed explorer Admiral Byrd led a fleet of over 40 U.S. war ships and an aircraft carrier loaded with fighter planes to the Antarctic in 1947 on a mission dubbed Operation High Jump. During a mapping flight to reveal a hidden underground realm, Admiral Byrd’s plane disappeared for hours and was feared lost before the explorer’s plane miraculously appeared again safely in flight. The details of Byrd’s ‘lost hours’ were chronicled in his published memoirs for the entire world to read and are nothing short of astonishing. Byrd details his entrance into inner Earth, where he witnessed clouds and green grass and what appeared to him to be Woolly Mammoths roaming the country side where the ambient temperature was approximately 70 degrees. Byrd continued to reveal that his plane was gently landed automatically by the Agarthans who he subsequently met with in a great conference room to discuss the presence of the U. S. military. Byrd was then safely returned to his plane and escorted out of Agarthan airspace. He landed safely on the aircraft carrier Philippine Sea and shared his amazing tale and warning that the U.S. fleet must leave the area immediately or suffer the consequences. Apparently the U.S. Navy was not convinced, and only retreated back to the U.S. after losing 68 sailors and officers, the Destroyer Murdock, and over 50% of their fighter planes at the hands of what Byrd described as flying discs, or what the Agarthans referred to as their Flugelrad. The full details of this amazing story can easily be researched online, and pieces of black and white footage showing flying discs in a heated battle with U.S. fighter planes and battleships amid the Antarctic icepack can also be found to corroborate the details of this incredible story.

The Agarthans, having recently joined forces with the Earth Allies to remove the dark cabal from power, are an integral force as they combine their great wisdom with their advanced technologies. Over the past year alone, the Agarthans contributions have been essential in seeing many secret cabal military installations destroyed and thousands of cabal agents relocated unharmed to secure facilities where they will not be permitted to interfere with the ascension of humanity and their host planet Gaia.

As above, so below.
The Agarthan people also work closely with their allies of the Galactic Federation, and as our cosmic family of light will soon descend from the skies, our inner Earth family will ascend from the inner Earth, joining humanity in what should be one of the most exciting family reunions in universal history.

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  1. Konstantinos Petrocheilos

    All that Greg Giles described are wonderful, but why he didn’t mention the Lemurian survivors (Telosians) as also that there are and some other races who all together (round to 120 cities, Shamballa is not physical anymore) consist the Agartha system ? Because as far as I know (through also some trustworthy sources such as Aurelia Louis Jones and Dianne Robbins) Atlateans-not all of them-are not the only ones who live in Inner Earth. Anyway Greg’s work is reliable, uplifting and informative.