Radio Ann – The Council Of Twelve- 7 December 2011

We are the Council of Twelve and we are here to say good day to you and well met! We are in the ethers and in the physical realm at once. We are in the air that you breathe. You take us in to your very being with the intent in your heart and the breath of your body. Your very life itself craves connection to All That Is. Rest here for a moment and feel our presence, our loving presence in your very DNA, cells, hair, fingernails, organs, bones and blood.

You are the connection you wish to find. You embody the love you seek. There is no separation. Our consciousness is your consciousness because there is but One Consciousness. The isolation you feel within the confines of your skin is the game you play to know yourself. You are encased in a “space suit” of bodily flesh and blood to play out the illusion of separation. Its effectiveness is wearing out. The game is up. You have won.You succeeded in fooling yourself for many eons of time. And now the referee has blown the whistle. There will be no overtime. You have won. Congratulations. We address this to you, specifically, dear one, and to your friends and colleagues – your teammates. The Dark is dissolving into the Light. Your separation is at an end. Sit and breathe and feel the truth of it. Feel the reality of your true identity, which is light, love, service, connection, cooperation, laughter, radiance. Welcome home. Your eternal friends who comprise The Council of Twelve.


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