Greg Giles – Is The Galactic Federation Shutting Down The Hadron Collider? – 7 December 2011

Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider in Cern, Switzerland, have had their suspicious experiment interrupted by unseen forces they have revealingly labeled UFOs, but not the unidentified flying objects that we are so familiar with, but unidentified ‘falling’ objects, as the particle collider keeps shutting down due to what project scientists theorize are unidentified objects falling into their multibillion dollar machine. (Why do visions of The Three Stooges keep popping into my mind every time I read that last sentence?) The inside joke is certainly very revealing, however, and does demonstrate that although these top scientific minds may not have yet figured out that they are working in Dr Evil’s secret lair, they are beginning to understand who ‘The International Man of Mystery’ is. This is clear by the choice to label the unseen forces that have either disrupted the experiment or completely shut it down over 10,000 times between April and August 2011 ‘UFOs’. This little word play is far from coincidental, and does seem to demonstrate that although soon to be unemployed, these physicists have retained their sense of humor.  How they would reach this seemingly ‘out of the box’ conclusion is easier to understand when we realize that project insiders would naturally suspect that the forces of light might have something to say about a project ordered by the highest ranks of the dark cabal.
Let’s take a closer look into this experiment and see if we would concur.
The Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, is a 17 mile long tunnel lined with powerful magnets that accelerate protons in a clockwise direction at 99.9999991% the speed of light, and accelerate protons in a counterclockwise direction at the same speed until they reach a point 17 miles down the tunnel where they then smash into each other in a collision of immense proportion. Physicists working at the secret lair, err, Swiss lab, claim that what they are attempting to do is search for the God particle, what they believe to be one of the primary creational tools of our universe. (Felix, I want that Magic Bag!) And while they’re at it, they also claim to be on the lookout for dark matter if it appears, and also Jim’s car keys as he has no ride home. But what precisely is the end goal of this multibillion-dollar experiment which of course is being overseen by the same cabal leaders desperate to escape their inevitable justice. Since it will take more than the Hadron Collider to extract the truth from anyone on the world controller’s payroll, let us construct our own list of what this collection of Nutty Professors are really up to.
What we do know is the leaders of the dark cabal have been desperately attempting to find a way to escape justice as all their secret spacecraft they planned to use for their escape to another planet are now permanently anchored to Earth, having been ‘booted’ by this universe’s booting experts, the Los Angeles Parking Authority. Therefore, the timing and scope of this experiment would seem to suggest the goal is either to create their own big bang, out of which their own planet, solar system, galaxy or even universe, or perhaps a portal, stargate, black hole, artificial merkaba, or other time travel device to escape justice, or are attempting to destroy the Earth (You know, that old chestnut), self fulfilling their own dark prophecy and making good on their vow to destroy the planet if the forces of light do not retreat and allow them to continue their reign of tyranny. This of course will not, and will never be, allowed by the Galactic Federation and may now shed light for all of us to see clearly why the multi-billion dollar experiment fails on each and every successive attempt, and why this great collection of scientific minds can only manage to dub the reason for their collective failure a ‘UFO’.
Via by Greg Giles first published 7th Dec.2011

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