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It’s a strange thing, the apparent way that life is designed.

Supreme Being creates supposedly independent beings from Itself and assigns each the task of discovering its true nature. SaLuSa is referring to that design and plan in passages such as these:

“Life is ever ongoing and the present is but a passing phase in the greater plan for your evolution.” (1)

“Everything that exists is moving back to the Source, so we join hands and help each other.” (2)

“No matter who you are or how you view life, or what your beliefs are you will still evolve through the experiences each life provides you. You may go in all directions at various times, but the fact is that the net result will see you progress towards the Light.” (3)

All beings It creates are at more or less refined levels of knowledge in that overall assignment to know ourselves.

Those who are at a more refined level think, feel and act progressively more like their Creator. Those at a less refined level, think, feel and act less like Him/Her/It.

So long as they are acting more like God, we usually respond with approval and vice versa. But the trick is to discern what “acting like it” means. Some will be able to discern that intuitively and for them reverence will almost come automatically. Others may not be able to discern it at all and may consider that reverence is an objectionable thing which they wouldn’t be caught dead displaying.

We in Third Dimensionality (and who among us knows anything other than Third Dimensionality?) usually don’t like to discuss matters like degrees of spiritual development. We regard all beings as equal. But in the drama of life, while all beings are inherently equal as children of the one God, there is a natural hierarchy that is reflected in objective conditions, whether we like to consider the matter or not.

It shows up for instance in the fact that there are levels of dimensionality and the deeper one knows one’s own true nature, the higher the dimension in which one resides. I call this “transdimensional hierarchy.”

Those with less knowledge of who they truly are inhabit the Astral Plane; higher, the Mental Plane; higher, the Causal, Buddhic, Nirvanic Plane, and so on. I think we all know this intuitively but we may not accept the idea at a surface level. But whether we like to think of life this way or not, existence is in fact organized hierarchically, as a simple reading of the afterlife literature will demonstrate.  (4)

In the short run we don’t have to aim to move to a higher level, as SaLuSa says here, but in the long run we do.

“You may choose to stay in your present dimension, and that does not mean you are not evolving. You can return to any level you desire in the interests of gaining the experience you need.” (5)

It’s widely reported that those beings on the higher levels of life who are of a “superior” spiritual development wear robes or jewels that attest to their virtue or level of attainment. Here’s a description of “Imperator,” the prophet Malachi, who spoke through the Rev. Stainton Moses in the 1870s, and had a lot to say about the “New Revelation” which is unfolding today. It contains a description of his earned symbols of spiritual advancement. The discarnate Bishop Wilberforce is speaking to the medium, Rev. Moses.

“Imperator’s robe now is of dazzling white, as though composed of purest diamonds lit up by rays of vivid splendour. Round his shoulders he wears a vesture of sapphire blue, and on his head is a crown of glory set in crimson circlet. The circlet indicates his love, the vesture of blue is his wisdom, and the brilliant robe his exalted state of purity and perfection.

Stainton Moses: How magnificent! What is the crown like?

“It is seven-pointed, and each point is tipped with a radiant star of dazzling brilliance.” (6)

“The crown which you see round the head of the Chief [Imperator] typifies his exalted state, his purity and love , his self-sacrifice and his earnest work for God. It is a crown which belongs only to the noblest and most blessed.” (7)

“It is a crown which belongs only to the noblest and most blessed”: This is not a way we’re used to thinking. If we have wealth, we usually take pride in our wealth. If we have political position, we often take pride in that. Physical beauty, pride in that. But God takes pleasure in spiritual development and rewards beings for having attained a lofty spiritual perspective. And a lofty spiritual perspective means knowing who we truly are.

On the spiritual side of life, in terms of natural nobility or hierarchy, pride itself is an obstacle to what SaLuSa often calls “spiritual progress.” Here he discusses that scale of spiritual progress:

“Knowing that your present life is just but one of many that will continue ad infinitum, you will realize that it is all for your experience as you grow in consciousness. It will gradually expand so that eventually it could embrace a whole planet, and way into you future some of you may chose to experience being a planetary logos.” (8)

The consciousness that we grow in is the consciousness of who we are and who we are, ultimately, is God, our Maker, our Creator.

Such a thing as pride does not exist on the scale of spiritual progress. Such things as humility, meekness, egolessness, self-effacingness, compassion, and similar qualities do.

The spiritual scale turns the whole of our usual Third-Dimensional qualities on their head and is often the plot of movies. The proud Third-Dimensional figure has servants whom he regards and treats as beneath himself and is disabused of that notion in the course of the movie. The proud Third-Dimensional figure has political power which he uses in an overweening fashion and is compromised by this attitude in the course of the movie.

In our egalitarianism, we chafe at these thoughts and keep at arm’s length such notions as “spiritual nobility” or “natural hierarchy,” except when we actually encounter a spiritually-noble person like Jesus or Buddha, and then we feel the knee naturally bending and the heart of its own volition responding.

When I speak to Archangel Michael, I would not think of not calling him “Lord.” Boil me in oil, but I would not say anything less. In fact, it’s more real to me to call him “Lord” than anything Earth has to offer.  The world vanishes for me as a consideration when I’m speaking to him. And that reflects the tug of his natural nobility.

Paramahansa Ramakrishna was speaking of this when he discussed yogamaya.  When villagers from a neighboring village heard that Sri Ramakrishna, whom they regarded as an avatar, was in the vicinity, they came to him in a huge kirtana or dancing line, and regalled him for days. Sri Ramakrishna said that this was proof of yogamaya, the irresistible draw that a man of God has upon others. This is perhaps the highest example of recognition of natural nobility or spiritual hierarchy.

All of what I’ve said here relates to natural hierarchy and natural hierarchy is reflected to a large extent by dimensionality.  But I think it would be equally valid to say that there is no hierarchy between beings of equal spiritual development. That may mean between beings of Third Dimensionality or it may be that finer levels than dimensionality may be in question.

Mahatma Gandhi and I both occupy the Third Dimension (as long as he is in physicality), but I’m willing to bet that if I met him tomorrow I would feel a high degree of natural reverence for such a being. So it would require a finer brush than simply “Third Dimensionality” to represent the total picture as his case would demonstrate.

In fact, the Third Dimension is the only dimension on which beings of different spiritual development are to be found in each other’s company. After the transition we know as “death,” beings migrate to different dimensions.

Even those who journey to the Astral Plane, go to different subplanes such as the Dark Planes, the Stony Planes, the Lower Summerlands, the Middle Summerlands, and the Higher Summerlands. Other souls may migrate after “death” to the Mental Planes, the Causal, Buddhic, Nirvanic, and so on. Only in the Third Dimension would the saint and the assassin rub shoulders together. This would not occur after death where the saint would go to a higher dimension and the assassin to a lower.  This separation of souls after death is the primary event that brings the existence of transdimensional hierarchy to the attention of those who did not know it existed previously. (9)

My understanding is that we’re not to organize ourselves hierarchically where no natural reasons to do so exist. For instance, when I asked the Boss what a NESARA organization might look like, he replied to keep it small, circular, and non-hierarchical.  It would be a circle of equals, all of us having different jobs. So I’m not trying somehow to push for hierarchy. I’m simply recognizing that, despite our abhorrence of hierarchy, natural, spiritual, transdimensional hierarchies do exist in life.

Life is a strange thing all around. It’s definitely designed. The Maker is definitely more of everything virtuous than its creations or creatures. Life assuredly has a purpose, a plan.  The purpose of our lives is to know ourselves as God. The plan for life is spiritual evolution, from unconscious awareness of our true identity to conscious awareness. We are helplessly and without choice launched on a journey of discovery of our true nature that all must complete, from the stone, to the plant, to the human.

There is choice in life and no choice in life. Though we may rail against it, life remains a laid-on affair. I’ve never heard anyone who achieves enlightenment ask for their money back. Submission to, surrender to the design and purpose of life has only ever brought benefit. But it is a design and a purpose that must be surrendered to, whether we wish to or not.

Life is full of anomalies and paradoxes. We find that we must surrender to the “right” things and turn our faces from the “wrong.” And sometimes the right things don’t seem right to us, though they are, and the wrong things don’t seem wrong, though they are.

Life is a hall of mirrors; oftentimes appearances are deceiving. We’re obliged to figure the whole thing out and we have eternity in which to do so.

But always the prize for figuring life out and getting things right wipes away all tears and repays us beyond our imagining. Listen to how the galactics describe what one simple progressive move from Third Dimensionality to Fifth will bring us:

“There are experiences to come that will be pure bliss, and heaven will become a place that exists upon your new Earth. Imagine how quickly you will recover from your earlier experiences, in the peace and tranquillity of the Light realms. It is to be your haven and home where you will create exactly what you desire, and want for absolutely nothing.” (10)

“There is everything to gain and nothing to lose by following the path to Ascension. Indeed, you will gain so much that you will look back at lives on Earth, and wonder how you got through them. Whatever you visualize as the beauty, joy and happiness of moving into a heavenly abode, we would say that you will still be overwhelmed by the sheer magnificence of everything.” (11)

I simply rest in amazement at all these apparent facts and am always caught up in the tension between letting go of who I think I am in all of this and embracing who I discover myself to be, all the while knowing the strange and unmistakeable inner urging behind this remarkable dance called life.

The only comfort, I imagine, that will come of it all is when I ultimately awaken from the dream and see that I fashioned every aspect of it myself. It was a self-mandated exercise in which I played every part and determined the outcome beforehand. The strangest of all dreams. The greatest of all jokes. The most sublime of all dramas.


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