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Salvador Russo – Alchemical Union: The Total Lunar Eclipse of December 2011 – 10 December 2011

Yesterday .

The citizens of planet Earth are but hours away from a momentous event: the sixth and final eclipse of the 2011 calendar year. This one comes to us as a total lunar eclipse in the House of Gemini and its influence will be profound and far reaching, extending well through the Spring of 2012. By understanding the nature and purpose of this event we can more effectively align ourselves with the Cosmic Order, and thus, quicken our spiritual ascent on personal and collective levels. Without

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Radio Ann – The Council Of Twelve – Re: Karma And Ascension – 10 December 2011

[A friend asked me to ask the Council if there will still be karma after ascension.] Cof12:There is karma after ascension, but you will feel the effects of it in a diminished way. In other words, the law of cause and effect is still in place, but you have a discount! You will have much more instant karma so that you can evaluate your behavior and make adjustments. This will enable you to grow at a much faster rate. The problem with the old time gap between cause and effect is connecting the dots. After ascension (and that process is in place and on-going), you’ll see the cause and effect connection much more clearly and have deep intuition about the causes behind certain effects. It’s all about your growth. It’s not punishment. And you are ready for the accelerated course. [Council, what is ascension?] It is the process of enlightenment. It is the means by which you increase your light quotient. It’s not mysterious. We call it waking up. Continue reading

Matthew Ward – Christmas Message – 10 December 2011

Christmas message


1.This is Matthew, with loving greetings from all souls at this station. Each year this season in your world is especially emotional, when the fortunate could look forward to exchanging gifts, decorating homes, attending religious services, perhaps traveling to celebrate with family or awaiting visitors. For them, this season has offered enjoyment and merrymaking. For the less fortunate, those who were grieving or sick, lonely, hungry or homeless, feelings of sadness and despair were amplified.   Continue reading

Shanta Gabriel – Archangel Gabriel – The (2011) 12:12 Alignment – 10 December 2011

Dear Ones,

The 12:12 Alignment on December 12, 2011 will bring the full force of the Angelic Dimensions into assistance. From this realm there is clarity about your Soul capacity to receive, as well as your readiness for the integration of the highest frequencies yet available for transformation on this planet. Continue reading

Kauilapele – A Powerful Video…From Joshua – 10 December 2011

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Lucas – Thanks Readers! Over 50.000 Visitors In A Short Period – 10 December 2011

I almost forgot to mention it to you all.  In a short period of 5 months I have been visited by more than 50.000 of you who are curious or seek the truth in the light for themselves.

I am grateful for that as I just want to get the message out to you. Still the motto is You are the Ones You have been waiting for. Oneness begins by the self being One or Whole again. You have to find the center balance in all and therefore no more duality is part of you. Remember the connection  you have with your Earth as you do have with you Divine Creator. You are One with all surrounding you as it is part of the Divine and the Divine is part of You also.  Remember that the way to go is  unconditional love for yourself and others as you remember you are the light shining  as a bright star on our celestial firmament.  Continue reading

Greg Giles – How To Teach Our Young Ones About Ascension – 10 December 2011

It is my understanding that explaining the ascension process to young children is actually not very necessary as children already possess an understanding within themselves, and that it is we, the elders, who have searched for this understanding through external means. I also understand that many adults would have greater difficulty than our young ones comprehending and accepting such a concept. Children actually expect the world to be a magical place that is full of surprises as they have only recently departed the spiritual realms and have not allowed the weight of the world to lower their expectations. Children have also shown that they would be surprised if the universe wasn’t full of other planets with people just like us, and even some places where the people look very different from us. Continue reading

Fran Zepeda – Message From Archangel Michael And Yeshua – The Eternal Flame Of Love – 10 December 2011

Greetings, fellow lightworkers and comrades in peace and light and love. We are with you in your endeavors to bring the light in more substantially in this precious and critical time. All around the world, the pace is increasing and the light is building to a peak of anticipation for a new glorious period of love-based action. Feel the pulse of it. Feel the vibration of it. Feel the ecstasy of new found joy, dear friends and comrades. We salute you, for all is going according to the plan of Creator’s merging of Oneness. Continue reading

Dianne Robbins – Crystalline Matrix Of Your Universe – Crystal People Of Inner Earth – 10 December 2011

“We Hold the Crystalline Matrix of your Universe.”

Greetings our dear sister on Earth. We are the Crystal People here again with you as you sit at your computer taking our dictation. We are very close to you, as close as your life vein pulsing blood into your system. We breathe with you, we pulse our heartbeat with you, and we sing our Song of the Ages to you. Our song is Love…and its melody permeates your cells as we merge into you now. Our merging is complete – and we operate as One. Continue reading