Greg Giles – How To Teach Our Young Ones About Ascension – 10 December 2011

It is my understanding that explaining the ascension process to young children is actually not very necessary as children already possess an understanding within themselves, and that it is we, the elders, who have searched for this understanding through external means. I also understand that many adults would have greater difficulty than our young ones comprehending and accepting such a concept. Children actually expect the world to be a magical place that is full of surprises as they have only recently departed the spiritual realms and have not allowed the weight of the world to lower their expectations. Children have also shown that they would be surprised if the universe wasn’t full of other planets with people just like us, and even some places where the people look very different from us.

We really needn’t have to explain anything to our children, but if you wish to discuss the upcoming events related to our ascension process, a recent discussion I had with my young nieces and nephews may give you a suitable reference point from which you can tailor your own thoughts relative to your children’s ages. I simply shared that life is full of fun surprises, magic and wonder, and although it may appear at times we are all alone here on Earth, in truth, God and His many Angels are with us, guiding us and protecting us. They are also waiting for everyone in the world to start being nice to each other, love each other, and treat each other with kindness and respect. When enough people learn that war and fighting is never the answer, and enough people try to help others make it through their problems and make our world a better place for everybody, then something magical happens. All the Angels and Heaven itself comes down to Earth, and everybody can begin to live in peace and happiness forever and ever.
Via by Greg Giles first publised 9 Dec. 2011 link to article

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