Kauilapele – A Powerful Video…From Joshua – 10 December 2011

I don’t usually watch a lot of videos. But thanks to reader Ensis, who sent the link, I did view this video, by Joshua, which I found very clear, very touching, and very inspiring. And I felt it went right along with the “So Here We Go!!” post. His YouTube name is KidtotheWorld. I like that…

Here is what Ensis wrote about it.

“I wanted to share this very compelling video of a high school student’s perpective of the silly inhumane dogmatic systems of schooling kids go through. it is suprisingly concise and common-sensical. i ended up feeling sadness for the youths of today who have to endure this torment on a daily basis!”

I’ll only add that I’m sure many of those who read this blog have gone through (sometimes many stages of) this educational system, such as it has been standing for the last many years. For myself, I did not find it “tormenting”, but I clearly realized eventually that the standard educational system, in general, was designed to fit people into “the system”. Generate worker bees, unquestioning.

I do not feel this applies to every educational system we have here. But Joshua for sure states his case simply, and, to my mind, powerfully.

See how it strikes you.

(see the above vide0) via http://www.kauilapele.wordpress.com by Kauilapele originally posted on 9th Dec. 2011

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