Radio Ann – The Council Of Twelve – Re: Karma And Ascension – 10 December 2011

[A friend asked me to ask the Council if there will still be karma after ascension.] Cof12:There is karma after ascension, but you will feel the effects of it in a diminished way. In other words, the law of cause and effect is still in place, but you have a discount! You will have much more instant karma so that you can evaluate your behavior and make adjustments. This will enable you to grow at a much faster rate. The problem with the old time gap between cause and effect is connecting the dots. After ascension (and that process is in place and on-going), you’ll see the cause and effect connection much more clearly and have deep intuition about the causes behind certain effects. It’s all about your growth. It’s not punishment. And you are ready for the accelerated course. [Council, what is ascension?] It is the process of enlightenment. It is the means by which you increase your light quotient. It’s not mysterious. We call it waking up.

[Council, cause and effect could not be suspended, could it? Wouldn’t it throw the Universe into chaos? It’s a fundamental law.] Yes, cause and effect still exists, will exist. Your karma is a somewhat different matter. Divine grace allows for the effects of causes to be mitigated. You still receive effects, but a slap on the wrist is quite different from, say, a blade to the neck. We speak metaphorically. We are talking about the consequences of behavior, not whether an action causes an equal reaction, as in the laws of physics. If you put your hand in a fire, you will get burned. But the heavy debt of karma has been lessened by divine dispensation. It’s the equivalent of paying ten cents on the dollar to clear a debt.

[More about ascension, please?] Yes, it’s a natural phenomenon, one that will affect the universe, the galaxy, the planet. You’re in the right place at the right time. Just relax, it’s all coming your way. It’s a reconfiguration of a number of mathematical, electrical, etheric formulae that have an effect on the human consciousness. If you know about it, you can really optimize the changes, but everyone will be affected. So it’s a change of perception because you’ll be processing data from your five senses, etc, in a different way. There are as many realities as there are modes of perception. You are all slated for an upgrade, and that upgrade has been in process for a while, most particularly since 11/11. {Thank you.] Certainly.


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