Salvador Russo – Alchemical Union: The Total Lunar Eclipse of December 2011 – 10 December 2011

Yesterday .

The citizens of planet Earth are but hours away from a momentous event: the sixth and final eclipse of the 2011 calendar year. This one comes to us as a total lunar eclipse in the House of Gemini and its influence will be profound and far reaching, extending well through the Spring of 2012. By understanding the nature and purpose of this event we can more effectively align ourselves with the Cosmic Order, and thus, quicken our spiritual ascent on personal and collective levels. Without

further ado I now present my intuitive analysis of the total lunar eclipse of December 10th, 2011 which begins at 14:36 Universal Time.

Evolutionary Impact

One of the greatest hindrances to human evolution will suffer a massive defeat as this eclipse energy will alter human behavior on a subconscious level in a way that promotes transcendence beyond sexual polarity. The time has arrived for sexual imbalance and repression to end, scourges that have long served as sources of great evil in this world. Many have gained false power by subjugating the opposite sex. Our women have and still suffer in varying degrees all over the world because of this unnatural imbalance. I am delighted to deliver that this eclipse signals the death knell of this unsavory paradigm and the beginning of permanent harmony between masculine and feminine, within and without, for all human beings. The cosmos will crush anyone that attempts to obstruct this ultimate and inevitable outcome.

In truth our minds have a dual nature. Without both hemispheres being properly developed and working in harmony we become impaired and live as a shadow of our true potential. This eclipse will energetically strengthen and rebalance each hemisphere of our brain as required, specific to the needs of each human being as God’s love for us is perfect. The lagging hemisphere will be strengthened to match the prowess of the dominant. This influence, like all in Astrology, will have a three-fold alchemical effect; we will feel it mentally, physically, and of course, spiritually. The result brings us ever closer to perfectly harmonizing our innate Divine masculine and Divine feminine energies, a crucial and necessary step in the ascension process.


One of the enlightened essences of Gemini is that of rational thought, a gift that will be imparted to us by way of this eclipse, and for good reason: without it we can easily become enslaved by those adept in the art of emotional manipulation. It is an absolute necessity that we as human beings are able to reason free from the distortions caused by the lower human emotions. For example, fear can quickly distort a person’s ability to think logically, and as we know, fear is one of the primary weapons employed against humanity. In general terms women are most susceptible to emotional manipulation and it is for this precise reason that women should welcome this eclipse: it will strengthen you where by nature you need it most. Know that females are always impacted most heavily by lunar eclipses, so ladies, literally, this one’s for you.


There will be internal and external juxtapositions that develop beyond this eclipse to help us develop into more complete beings. Men will be called to take the roles of women and women the roles of men, all in the highest interests of our spiritual growth. It was none other than Jesus Christ that when speaking to His disciples on requirements to enter the Kingdom of Heaven that said we must “make the male and the female one and the same.” Surely when one thinks of the enlightened beings that reside in the paradise realms they imagine them to be perfectly balanced, not imbalanced in nature. When these scenarios present themselves recognize them as spiritually beneficial and seize the opportunities to develop into a more complete being, no matter how uncomfortable it may seem.

Twin Effort

By now it is no secret that the House of Gemini rules our dual nature but perhaps less known is that it represents combined effort, when two work as one, like the hemispheres in our brain do. As the eclipse ripples through our lives situations will arise that will allow or require two to operate as one. The strengths of the one are to be shared with the other, and vice versa, that the whole is made more effective.

Success will be defined by those who learn to perform effectively as one. For the single who question the identity of their partner or when they will arrive I say this: all will share this experience in one form or another during this eclipse cycle; have patience as the Cosmic Order unfolds. As these scenarios have been authored in perfect love and wisdom I encourage all to recognize and embrace them as they appear.


As the moon rules the dreams we have many will soon have dreams focused on their children, their childhood and adolescent years, to include those of brothers, sisters, and the influential figures and locations of those times that helped shape the adults that we have become. These dreams will come as metaphorical warnings and messages and they will yield answers, confirmations, and in some cases, closures. Pay close attention to your dreams as they bring wisdom from deep within and

far beyond. Do not discount them as mere chance as chance does not exist in God’s perfect kingdom. There is only order and perfection, a truth that becomes clear with heightened perception.

Childhood Redux

This eclipse will effect a recall of the youth of our past. Many will begin to honestly obse

rve how they repeat the same traumatic patterns that they experienced as children and that they themselves are perpetuating what they once abhorred. As these subconscious truths infiltrate the conscious mind many will begin to make deep personal change that will permit new life successes. The purpose of this is to empower today’s parents to properly raise tomorrow’s leaders. Let us never forget that when we look into the eyes of our children we are looking into our own future. The children that have and will be born come bearing unique gifts and missions. We must enable, not disable their success – and we will.


This eclipse will see that our beloved children are blessed in ways that encourage their positive growth and development. They will experience noticeable increases in cognitive ability, scholastic aptitude, social activity, and creative power. In short, they will begin to shine more brightly into the world. Expect changes to their routine that will guide them to a healthier way of life. These changes will come in their home, school, community, relationships, local travels, technological access, mental focus, and communications. These changes should be welcomed as they will prompt new cycles of development. Many dormant areas will soon be brought to life.


An unparalleled cycle of technological growth will soon engulf the world, a digital boom, if you will. Barriers will be broken and records will be shattered. The highest spiritual course is to leverage technology to educate your brother and sister, to share knowledge with them that they would never receive from the many distractive and deceptive propaganda arms of the so-called news networks. I encourage all to eliminate frivolous technological pursuits and replace them with activities that will inform, unite, and improve the human family. Although some will try and are loathe to admit, the internet will never be controlled. In many respects it is one of humanity’s greatest achievements. Let us all recognize it as a gift intended to empower us and to use it with responsibility, wisdom, and ingenuity.

Fertile Ground

In order to maximize the benefic nature of this eclipse we must, as always, work for it. This eclipse will create an energetic soil for our success but it is up to us to plant the seeds to reap future rewards. A fantastic opportunity now exists for each of us to align ourselves within and without, above and below. By merging with the Cosmic Order rapid life progress soon follows. It is when we rebel against the Order, either consciously or unconsciously that we suffer. GOD has a plan for us and its details unfold in the lights of the firmament of the heaven, and that these lights are “for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years” as The Book of Genesis reveals.

Never will come another moment as this, where two become one in perpetual bliss. Seek and find deep within your mind, the brilliance buried within. With treasure recovered to share with another the two unite into one. United inside the Lord will provide to see that our hearts will glow. And now that you know in this time I must go to tend to the twin of my own.

In service to Our Father Who Art in Heaven,

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  3. Hey Sal,

    As I read your article, what jumped out at me is the idea that it is men that subjugate women. This is true, I know; and, I also know it works the other way around. I have co-facilitated enough workshops over the years to observe lots of men that were subjugated and manipulated by women. I’m sure you know that as well.

    Love to you and Alexis. I hope your holidays are fantastic.