Solara -Ann-Ra – December 2011 Surf Report – Realignment To Reset (Shared Fragment)

The RESET of 11/11/11 is bringing us unprecedented change. It has triggered powerful waves upon waves of Love and Trueness that continue to spread outwards, affecting all aspects of our lives. They are resetting us to the calibration of greater Trueness while continuing to strip away all that is untrue. They are totally resetting our priorities. This is why we are realigning everything to the new energies of the 11/11/11 RESET into a new MUA in December.The World As We’ve Known It is dramatically changing.

Many elements of our old lives have been unhooked from their previous positions and feel increasingly surreal. We may feel as if we are in a state of pregnant emptiness. Our old lives feel empty, yet something new and wondrous is about to be born. This makes it necessary for us to reconsider everything with the eyes of Who We Are Now – after the RESET.

The Post RESET Ripples and Waves are also creating occasional distortion bands of energy. Many people are experiencing strong waves of fear. Fears of the Unknown. Fear of Change. Security Fears. Fears of losing control. These fears and insecurities are simply the final illusions of duality, yet they feel very real to those who are experiencing them. They are the fears and insecurities that keep us hooked into the old patterning. They feel like our personal fears, yet most of what we are feeling are the collective fears that are still floating around the planet, looking for places to anchor themselves. However, if we sit in the calm of the storm as True Ones, we will not be fearful and will be able to see and receive the Golden Opportunities that are coming to us.

In December’s Quantum Surf, we will be realigning ourselves to the RESET on level after level. As we align ourselves with the new MUA, our New True Lives will manifest very quickly. They will be more simple lives than what we had before, but so stunningly real and true.

We will be tying up loose ends, completing unfinished projects. building the foundations of our New True Lives and developing needed skills. We will be reassessing all aspects of our lives, reevaluating everything, reordering our priorities, weaving together the old and new, closing doors of the old, going through new open doors, traveling on Sacred Quests and welcoming the Unexpected. Many elements of our True Lives will smoothly click into position.

There is the feeling that the energies are building up for something huge to happen. It’s an increasing pressure, like the pressure of rising magma in a volcano. This pressure is pushing us into Who We Really Are. It might be that something breaks open or a chunk of duality collapses, to reveal a Golden Melon inside it. If this happens, it will be completely unexpected.

For those of us who still avoid stepping into our Trueness, this month will be like a whirlpool. As we are spun around and around, everything inside us is becoming visible and obvious. Every part of us that is not aligned with Trueness will be clearly seen until it is released.

As True Ones, we are developing an “eye of the storm” calmness, even when the world around us isn’t quiet and even when we are super busy. We are learning how to use the New Navigation to remain centered in our Heart’s Knowingness while riding on the Roller Coaster of Change. Since the RESET, some of us are in a constant state of sublime ecstasy. That’s why the people who already fully inhabit their True Selves feel a deep inner happiness and are greatly inspired. Everything is becoming increasingly accelerated and effortlessly falling into their right places. People who are already in their New Landscapes are feeling more deeply at home there than before. They are feeling a rising excitement and a surge of creativity.

Once we are in position in our New Landscape with our right people, there will be an almost instant manifestation of our True Lives. Let’s not wait to do it later. The time is RIGHT HERE – RIGHT NOW. The new MUA has begun!

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