Twelve Insight – Your Ego Is Part Of The Plan – 11 December 2011

Your ego is part of the Plan. It’s OK that you have one. Every ego is fulfilled in Christ. That seems like it’s contrary to what you have been taught, but when you allow the Plan to be fulfilled then your ego becomes part of the Plan. Everyone has one—everyone has that limited point of view you call an ego—and every ego is essential to the fulfillment of Creation. So you can quit beating up on yourself for having one, and you can quit punishing yourself for it, or trying to make yourself pure enough, or good enough, or anything enough. It is not necessary for you to dispose of your ego in order to become enlightened and fulfilled, any more than it is necessary for you to dispose of any other body part before you become enlightened and fulfilled.

The ego is just another body part. You don’t beat up on your little finger because it doesn’t understand calculus (though secretly, it does J). So don’t beat up your ego because it doesn’t understand the Big Picture, the Plan for Divine Harmony and fulfillment of ALL Beings. Love it. Dream Big, and allow the Source of All Being to fulfill you through Oneness and Harmony.

Ego is only a problem when you refuse to let go of it and reunite with Source. It is as if you decided you were your little finger and steadfastly refused to acknowledge or utilize any other body parts. The point is you needn’t punish your ego for wanting what it wants and perceiving itself and the world in the way it does—it is just doing its job.

Your job, as the Greater Being, is to allow Connection with Source to fulfill those ego perspective dreams. Your ego is an outgrowth of your limited perspective; and in order to become the physical being that you are, you had to adopt one. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. There is no eternity of punishment or purgatory or cosmic karma associated with it. There is nothing to work out from this life or any past lives either. Just connect with your Source and Allow. It will all work itself out—it can’t not. It’s part of the Plan.

All is well. It really is. Perform Yoga of Positive Thought with your ego just as you perform Hatha or another yoga with your other body parts. Gently steer your ego back to the joyful thoughts that are in alignment with the Divine Plan and allow Source Energy to pour through your mind like sweet honey and everything—everything—will work out.


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