David Wilcock – Comments On His Long Awaited Interview With Ben Fulford – 12 December 2011

LOL… I say this without hesitation: the story behind this lawsuit is much, much bigger and more complex and amazing than Ben has been giving.

I have now been in extensive contact with the people named in the lawsuit, who have welcomed me into their trust. I have now seen extensive documentation. The book of Maklumat. Lots of elaborate contracts. Lots of bonds. Pictures of boxes the bonds were in were produced a mere 20 minutes after I told them what another insider told me the bonds looked like.

I may not produce any of this photographic documentation, as it could potentially break international laws and make it too easy for the loyal opposition to cause trouble. I still haven’t decided. If I do anything I will at least have to black out the serial numbers. Someone else may want to release this data in its virginal form, and when this lawsuit moves forward it will probably all happen anyway.

Ben has been focusing on one small subset of the story. However, I have now found the rest of the story, and it is vast. On some levels it is extremely complex, and that is the part that has ended up taking me so much time. I also feel it is important to post it all at once, for the sake of security. Once it’s done it’s done and there’s no turning back, nothing more to add, that’s it.

I have earnestly, if not desperately wanted to get this done sooner. However, the size of the data to put together is equivalent to writing a book. The Fulford transcript alone is over 70 pages long. I have another 40 pages of transcripts of interviews with the people named in the lawsuit. Then I have all the data from other sources that I found as a result of learning all this — sources with verifiable documentation already posted online.

It is stunning to discover that Fulford was totally telling the truth about this lawsuit, and even more stunning to find out that this is vastly more secret than the UFO issue. Despite the staggering complexity, the story is actually very elegantly simple on another level.

I also think the positive changes are utterly inevitable. I’m not filing this lawsuit. I’m not named in it. All I’m doing is putting together a picture that it seems will inevitably emerge, and probably a lot sooner than we think. This is a question that could become the most hotly-debated issue in any recent, recorded history. It’s stunning.

This will not be posted until it is ready. I do apologize. It will be worth it. If my plans go well, it will happen… gulp… uh, hm… right… sometime, uh…


– David

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2 responses to “David Wilcock – Comments On His Long Awaited Interview With Ben Fulford – 12 December 2011

  1. ja, da lacht das herz. zum glück gibt es seelen die ihre zeit, hier auf diesem planeten, konstruktiv zu nutzen wissen – ohne bedacht auf einen eigennutz.

    man bedenke jedoch … der käfig wird bloß geöffnet, die wärter, hoffentlich, weggesperrt. in der freien natur zurechtfinden – dass müssen wir jedoch selbst.

    IMHO, licht friede & saubere luft

  2. I’m Japanese citizen. Your comments are very helpful and I’m very glad to hear lawsuit documents have been really submitted to the court. I know Mr Fulford is fighting for whole world, but so many don’t believe him yet. Hope everything be brought to light soon!