Lucas – A Christmas Tale- 12 December 2011

Feel the love flowing between the shining lights of your loved ones, family and friends  gathering in this Christmas period. No gifts are stronger than the bonds of love that unite all there is unconditionally.  No pain, sorrow or hardship can be present where there is love surrounding. The light and love rays shining upon you all will make this coming Christmas a special one. Maybe an  everlasting Merry  Christmas. A feast of unity.  A feast of reconciliation with that what is still dualities last trick playing upon you. 

The gift of the blinking stars on the celestial pavement is seen as it shows the way to your beloved space brothers and sisters, lightbeings and angels.  You might see a glimpse of them displaying a show on the heavens above. Christmas spirit is blazing the fires in the hearts of people. A compassionate season that leaves the dark retracting to find forgiveness for their actions. The dark will find its little star that shows the way.. They will be taken out of their amnesia. We remember still having sometimes more than we need.The time of sharing  with those who need it has come.

Soon the New system will be spreading the abundance and wipe out your debt  and shortages of all. The slavery is soon over and you will find your gift  you  always asked for under your  Christmas tree.  The Christmas spirit of the past oversees the dark grim illusion you where being held in against your will. You will come free of it. The Christmas spirit of the future lets us see the new lightworld and our meeting with our  space brothers and sisters and our inner-earth family as the world as we have changed to the fifth dimensional state. All your dreams can come true with a thought from the heart. The Christmas spirit of the presence is showing the shift taken place. The old is falling apart as the new will take its rightful place. More of you are awakening and seeing the real Christmas of the Light  and  Oneness. Ascension will be yours if you choose to soon.

A Christmas really fit for all to remember.

Lovc and Light,


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  1. Konstantinos Petrocheilos

    Thank you for this beautiful energy you sent through your wonderful message Lucas. You are great.