Steve Beckow – Why Do We Need A New Financial System For Just A Year? – 11 December 2011

This material is not meant to replace but to augment what we already know about NESARA. You already know the formal details – debt relief, reduced taxes, new governments, etc.

What seeming craziness this is! This morning I bade goodbye to three lightworkers who sense that they’ll be ascending tomorrow. Am I really saying this in a sentence? One of them is saying he’ll come visit us on the radio show. Alright!

In the course of preparing for the advent of the Bridge Fund, I’ve been running through scenarios, such as visiting the Vice-President of Paypal to ensure that no hitches occur. He asks me, “Who is behind the Bridge Fund?” Uhm. Archangel Michael.  Oh, and … the Divine Mother, Shakti. Well, you may know her as the Holy Spirit. “Okay…..!”

How am I going to do this?

Pages from an unusual lifetime.

In the meantime all the discussions I’ve had around preparing a financial report on the Hope Chest have also touched on many other very enjoyable topics. One of them in particular I feel the desire to comment on.

People ask, what is the purpose of NESARA if it’s just for a year? Why go to all that trouble? And that has raised other questions about NESARA that also beg clarification.

Before turning to those matters, let me mention that Archangel Michael has said to me that NESARA is all about freedom and equality. It’s about freedom from stress and strain, from want and need, from competition and conflict. It’s all about the equality of souls without the existence of an elite and an underclass, a privileged set and a set that waits upon them, etc.

It has no truck or trade with greed, suspicion, rapaciousness, mistrust, or any other of the all-too-normal attitudes that underpin a society that has become misshapen by deliberate intent on the part of its controllers. So the first thing we have to do is to take off our dark glasses when considering NESARA and realize that it’s sunny outside. NESARA is designed so that we all can see clearly now, the clouds being gone.

From my own limited participation in NESARA so far, it seems advisable to say that I don’t consider NESARA a single or monolithic structure. You can see that the Bridge Fund is a part of NESARA but designed to relieve the financial distress of lightworkers. Other pieces of NESARA will see money funneled to charities, foundations, philanthropic endeavors, etc. Another piece will be directed towards new energy, anti-pollution, earth-greening and similar projects. Some will be directed at different regional populations in a cascading order – first this region, then that region – all with an overall plan in mind.

On top of that the money for each of these may come from different sources. Most of those I cannot talk about yet. But they are terrestrial sources. We’re more familiar with the really big part of NESARA (you know, the one with more zeroes than you can count to) that draws partly on gold brought in by the galactics from other star systems (the wise men bearing gifts), money and gold confiscated from the Illuminati who stole it in the first place, investments that trace back to the Middle Ages, etc. There appear to be a multitude of NESARA sources that are coming together right about now.

Why we have a financial system only for a year is because there are certain tasks that need accomplishing in the next twelve months – or less.

Before I go onto that discussion, I need to check in with you and make sure that everyone is clear that we need no financial systems like NESARA in the Fifth Dimension.  We create by thought.  We don’t need to eat, require very little sleep, don’t need houses, although we will have them, etc. I’m assuming that everyone is pretty much up to speed with that discussion by now.

Someone asked where will we go to in the Fifth Dimension? Is it already set up? I honestly don’t know. SaLuSa has not told us about matters like that yet. But don’t forget: there’s no rain to get in out of, no cold, no need to sleep, etc. Think what you want to wear and you’re wearing it. Think where you want to go and you’re there. It wouldn’t be wise to project Third-Dimensional needs onto the Fifth Dimension.

But to return to the question of why we need NESARA for a year. Here in Third Dimensionality, there are certain groups of people who’ve been beset by tragedy and will need to be rescued and restored if they’re going to be in any position to consider the monumental events which will come at the end of next year.

AIDS-related orphans in Africa, women in Darfur who’ve suffered unspeakably, women in countries who’ve lived under repressive circumstances (I’m trying to be diplomatic in not naming them too precisely), women and children who’ve been forced into white slavery, landless peasants, victims of drought … I could go on and on listing the people of the world who’ve been subjected to really harsh conditions and will need to have time for restoration and rebuilding. Quan Yin in particular talked about these people some time earlier in the year. NESARA is the way to release them from their cycle of suffering and poverty.

The Earth itself, which is an individual like you or me, needs restorative treatment to prepare herself for Ascension. Petroleum is what lubricates her joints and the stresses caused by bleeding off the hydrocarbon reserves need to be attended to. The petroluem spilled into the seas needs to be recovered. Radioactivity, including depleted uranium, exists around the globe and must be removed. My understanding is that the galactics want us to participate in these efforts, perhaps for buy-in, perhaps for eradicating karma. Part of NESARA will see to funding this effort.

We lightworkers who’ve led lives of particular affluence in the West, have our own needs and responsibilities. Some people simply want a rest from a lifetime of struggle, to consider Ascension and pay attention to what it requires. Others are destined to play a role in all the activities I outlined above and NESARA will provide them the means to do this.  They may travel to Africa and Asia and provide the people power to assist the impoverished to emerge from their suffering.  They may take care of the orphans of the world, the sick, and the old before Fourth Dimensionality kicks in and conditions themselves provide release.

Another group of lightworkers will bring in new social systems such as fair courts, fair governmental bodies, adequate hospitals with new technology, well-funded schools, a decent media and communications system, and all the other elements of a post-industrial but pre-zero-point society. Again NESARA will fund all of this.

So all of NESARA is in a sense a Bridge Fund, getting us from here to there.  Several people have now been told that their jobs will radically change at the end from being fair and reasonable to being anything but reasonable. They’ll be handed the job of pushing, shoving, encouraging, and cajoling everyone to get on board the train for the Promised Land. A complete lack of reasonableness will be needed then. Again NESARA will see that they have no attention on how they will eat, save when the last restaurant closes and the last office and apartment turns off its lights and we all say farewell to Third Dimensionality.

There will be no planet left in this dimension. Venus has chosen to maintain a presence in 3D while hosting the Kumaras and all other Venusians from higher dimensions, many of whom are here to help us with our transition. But Gaia has chosen not to maintain a presence in Third Dimensionality. So everything must go. I keep thinking of buying this and buying that, but it doesn’t seem to make much sense unless it’s work-related. Be that as it may, NESARA is the means of freeing everyone up and leveling the playing field so that 2012 becomes about just one thing: To ascend or not to ascend. That is the question.

SaLuSa has already said that those who awaken now and afterwards may not have the same gentle awakening that we did:

“Right now [events are] awakening many who have slumbered through their life, without understanding the true purpose for being on Earth. For them it will be a testing time as the truth, for all its beauty, can be a sudden shock when it tries to replace long held beliefs. The upliftment is intentionally carried out in such a way that there is normally a gentle awakening, but time is no longer your friend and is passing more quickly than ever.” (1)

Their learning curve will be steeper than ours. NESARA will allow us all to attend to our unique needs, whatever they are. NESARA will end the inequitable situations we created or tolerated on Earth and usher in a time of peace and harmony prior to wrapping up our stay in duality and opening up the next chapter.


(1)  SaLuSa, Sept. 2, 2011.

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