Linda Dillon – Archangel Michael – An Hour With An Angel – Radio Show Summary and Audio – 13 December 2011

Below is the audio archive for the first show of An Hour With An Angel, which airs every Monday, 9pm EST on Blogtalkradio:

To listen to the show:  below the AAM image, click on either “play in your default player” or “download this episode”

We had some minor technical difficulties that affected the audio a bit, mostly at the start of the show, but overall it was a very good first run. A transcript is coming.

Archangel Michael spoke about the significance of 12-12-11, NESARA and the bridge funds, disclosure, the dark hats, the Galactics, the global economy, Barack Obama, our potential and the vision for Mother Earth.

Here are some of the highlights:

“Disclosure will happen very soon, the dark hats and governments have held up the process, but it cannot wait much longer. Many governments have agreed that it is now time for disclosure; there is an eagerness in the air.  When the Galactics come, the global economy will shift to help get the earth ready for her journey homeward. The Galactics look very much like us, many are already here on Earth. …

“Many ascended today and most will return to serve as gatekeepers to assist with the shift happening on planet earth.

The dark hats have delayed NESARA and the bridge funds. AAM stressed that prosperity funds will be released, starting with the bridge funds for Lightworkers, which he indicated “begin pretty much right away,” and is important to keep us steering toward the light. NESARA is necessary in order to bring about freedom, equality and fairness, which will start in North America and spread throughout the rest of the planet. There needs to be equalization on the planet in order for planetary ascension.

“Barack Obama is a star brother and is guided.  He was born in Hawaii.  In his desire to be conciliatory, he has not lived up to his potential and promise for change, yet he is part of the strategy that is unfolding.  Encourage Obama where he is doing good.  Don’t give up hope or abandon him or others you love.

“Gaia was intended to be a place of love, joy and physical experience.  It was meant to be a place where beings, angelic and otherwise could come and go at will, but this dream was lost.  It was never intended that we would be stuck here on earth. Now is the time to shift this, and for there to be a world without struggle, to walk with the Masters, to welcome beings from other worlds.

“Some have not made peace with the 3rd dimension.  The goal is not to escape the 3rd dimension; it is to make peace with it. When you make peace, you will be free to go.

via by Graham link to original article firs published 12th December 2011

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