Lucas – Message From The Guiding Spirits – 13 December 2011

We are your guiding spirits from the higher realms  you know us by our names.

(Lucas) I have connected to you as you wished collectively  to give a message.

We gladly will give our message dear one.

Dearly  beloved souls, we are the collective  guiding spirits giving you this message.  The field of love is growing amongst you all. The knowledge coming from the hearts has become a mayor step forward on your way into the higher realms. We are ready to receive you all when your time has come and it is your choice to enter the higher realms. Many of you have felt the changes in your own selves as you see and feel the changes in others. The love light is swirling amongst you. See the power of it clearing the path the Divine has ordered.

No more fear based living as you do not question, argue, doubt, challenge, silence the love that tells you the way is simple and clear in being One. The One is you as it is in you and amongst you, above you, beneath you, surrounding you. Feel this field uniting you with All  that is en all that is you. Do not seek that what is already. In this coming days of the ending of your year the field of love will grow as it unfolding its  increasing influence. The changes taken place in your Earths darkened souls resistance will be diminishing.

We the guiding spirits want to thank you all for all your efforts in this astonishing journey you are making. Nobody will be left out in having a choice to eventually move forward to the higher realms as your mother earth has been given the task to Ascend. Whilst cleaning and healing what was distorted trough imbalance, Earth will transmute all needed as it loves you as its children she cares for. The so-called tears that flooded the doors to her marvelous ascension are wiped away.  She has moved into the last stages towards her final ascending in your coming year.

We want to tell you the solution to your problems is near. The crumbling of the old will come to its climax soon. This will be though not seen by many as a joyous occasion.  The new  will rush to the rescue to replace what was. All that you have wished for will become real. The deficiency will end.

We leave you all with our loving thoughts. We are with you as you have all your own guides to help and guide you. See it as the star showing the three wise men to the Christ born. The heavens are yours.

Thank you guiding spirits.

Love and Light,


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One response to “Lucas – Message From The Guiding Spirits – 13 December 2011

  1. Konstantinos Petrocheilos

    Very beautiful Lucas. Thank you.