Steve Beckow – The Old Paradigm Of Duality Is Giving Way To The New Paradigm Of Unity – 13 December 2011

The Arcturian Group has chosen to look repeatedly at the theme of  unravelling the old paradigm to give place to the new. They told us on Dec. 12, 2011 that matters would soon come to a head. This leaves us with a choice between staying with the old or going with the new.

“Much is unraveling of the old paradigm although you cannot yet see it.  We see this coming to a head very shortly and you are being called upon to make a choice.  Do you wish to stay in what is familiar, no matter how discordant, or do you choose receptivity to something different although  as of yet you do not know what that is?

“Those who live in fear usually choose whatever they already know or are being told  by others, not realizing that they have the power within to choose for themselves . This is fine, as all are free to  proceed according to their free will choice.  However, those of you who  know that there  are higher and better ways than what has been the norm up to this point, are choosing to be open to  new ways of seeing, being, and doing.” (1)

In the new energy that now prevails, the Group said, those who are meant to help us – galactics, Earth allies – can now enter into the public arena and do their work.

“You are creating an energy in which the new can be born in more powerful ways, a new energy in which those who will be here to help can enter and be listened to.  Much is about to change on Earth.  Much that you have believed could never change is indeed changing, for all is energy and you have changed the energy needed in order for these old issues to  function.

“We see you embracing the new ideas with love for you are beginning to see that there are indeed better and higher ways of doing things. Ways which include all, and not just a select group deemed worthy by the false standards of old energy beliefs.   Those who still continue to hold to what is finished, will have a difficult time of it, for they are “beating a dead horse” as you say in your vernacular.” (2)

The Group comes to us with “love and an understanding of the chaos that you are experiencing all over your dear planet.” They see our fruitless search for solutions – so long as those solutions are looked for in what has gone before.

“We understand those issues that seem to be so daunting to all at this time. There seem to be no solutions, and you are right about this as there are no solutions on the level that they are being sought by those who do not understand that the energy is quickly changing.

“Solutions are being sought in that which is finished and is leaving. New solutions must be employed; solutions that work from the new and higher frequencies now pouring in–new ways of seeing and doing. Let go of all that is old and finished, and open yourselves to new and better ways of doing those things that you need to do as a society. These will be presenting if you allow yourselves to be open to change.” (3)

The Group trace one strand of the old paradigm in particular, to the spiritual dilemma that arises because our religious teachers have foisted inaccurate views upon us to assume power over us. Let’s look at this argument of theirs in particular.

They remind us that we are divine beings though we have forgotten our true identity in Third Dimensionality.

“You are Divine beings in your real identity and therefore have infinite sources of ideas and ways of doing and being. The problem has been that you have not known this and most were not ready to know this until now. In your ignorance you have believed yourselves to be less that the lowest.” (4)

We’ve been manipulated by our religious leaders, whom we trusted, into surrendering our power to them.

“Churches taught that you were worms in the dust until you performed certain rituals or believed certain doctrines. In your ignorance, you accepted this, freely giving your power to those who would then claim it for themselves, convincing you that only they knew what was best for you.” (5)

Even today people buy this false view of human nature. But those who are searching for the truth are finding answers that are helping them emerge from manipulation and servility. The basis of this emergence is the knowledge that we are all one. Unity heals duality.

“This scenario is still happening, and there are still many who follow false and often ego inspired teachings, believing that somehow only certain humans are able to know what is the truth. You who are reading this are coming out from this umbrella of falseness.

“You are awakening to the truth of your identity and are now ready to take back the power you in your ignorance gave to the many (not all) loud and ego -driven voices of government, churches, media, etc. etc.. Trust your intuition on all matters. If any teaching rings of separation and duality, then know it is of the old energy. You are one, and that is a never changing truth.” (6)

They counsel us to move beyond the old ways of thinking in the human mind into the stillness and silence of the divine mind to find  answers to our dilemmas. Resting in Oneness will provide us with the new ideas we seek to transcend our ignorance and powerlessness.

“The universal human mind presents to you that which is known and contains every three dimensional belief ever believed. You must move beyond the human mind into the vast ‘no-thing ness’ of the Divine Mind. This is the function of meditation; not for you to have psychic experiences or manifest more human ‘stuff’ (although these things can be an outer expression), but to bring you to a point of inner silence in which you simply rest in your Oneness.

“Begin to accept and claim this oneness with the Divine and from that Infinite Source will flow the new ideas, for Source knows no limitation. Mind, in its true function as an avenue of awareness, then interprets and forms this Divine activity in the outer as new ways of doing, new forms, the new earth. You see you are not losing anything real. You will simply experience these things now on a higher and better level.” (7)

Each of our spiritual sources appears to have chosen a different piece of the puzzle to communicate lessons about the new paradigm to us. The Arcturian Group has chosen to address the manipulation and powerlessness that the old notions of duality and polarization have thrust on us and to encourage us to take up the empowering and truthful proposition that we all are one. Doing so will help us completely remove the old paradigm and replace it with the new.


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