David Wilcock – Update – Ben is Alive And Okay! – 14 December 2011


I just got word from Neil Keenan that he is now on the phone with Ben and he is alive and OK. That is literally all the info I have.

The most probable guess I have seen out there right now is that Ben was actually being detained for his own safety against another threat — of which there have been several.

More information will be provided as it comes in.


This story just gets stranger and stranger. Fulford told Keenan he just forgot about the show and went off for a happy trip to the mountains with his wife, then came home to sleep.

The network apparently was supposed to call and remind him, but forgot. They reached him on the phone at some point, but by that point it was too late, he was too far away and he couldn’t go.

Ben’s side of the story, as he explained it to Keenan, was that “the hotel incident story was not accurate, and was totally made up by the network.”

This may be true, and it may not be true. Keenan doesn’t know, and there is no way for any of us to know at this point. Even if the network admits they made it up, we can’t prove that is actually a true statement either. Fulford has had strenuous threats lately.

Let’s be glad that Fulford is alive and well. If he was narco-interrogated and/or threatened and sworn to secrecy, and the network told the truth, that’s all the more reason for us to double and redouble our efforts to get this astonishing story out into public view.

It’s time to take the planet back. This was a very healthy reminder for me of the stakes. I will not rest until humanity is free.

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One response to “David Wilcock – Update – Ben is Alive And Okay! – 14 December 2011

  1. from Ben’s website–feel free to repost:

    About my “kidnapping.”


    For the past couple of days the internet has been filled with reports that I have been kidnapped. The reason for this is that through a misunderstanding I missed an appointment with Chodoin Daikaku, the head of many of the world’s largest martial arts societies and an important ally. When all attempts to contact me failed, he assumed something nefarious must have happened to me. Given the various attempts on my life and other harassment directed towards me by the cabal, that was an entirely realistic assumption.

    The truth, however, is that I went to a stream by the mountains in order to have a private conversation with a certain individual. These days mobile phones are GPS enabled portable listening devices while drones and other surveillance technology make having a private conversation almost impossible. For that reason, I find it necessary to go near a loud (lots of static) stream in a narrow mountain valley to make sure I can have a private conversation. However, I can assure everybody that I am just fine and was not “kidnapped.”