Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – The Blessings Of The Mother – December 2011

Welcome.  I am the spirit, the energy, the Blessing of the Mother.  I come as your heart has beckoned.  Take my hand and we will walk into the lodge of your longings and we will climb the spiral stairway of love – the deep places of love within you where you are afraid to go.  We will walk into this mansion of heart –you and I — and we will experience room by room, space by space – all of the beauty of your life.  It is time to walk into the higher heart.  At this time, you are lost in the needs of the earthen heart.  It is like a 1st and  2nd floor of heart.  The 1st floor of heart is where all of the past  hurt, longing, disappointment and sadness ive.  They are preserved, living in the same energy as they were birthed.  They have not changed.  Every year around holidays and anniversaries, you visit these lost and sad parts of your heart.  You walk through. growing sadder and sadder with each step. You let them just moan, groan, and cause you tears and heartache.  

I ask you as the Blessed Mother to move into the higher level of your heart.  To go up to the 2nd floor and look at all the miracles and goodness that has brought you to this day, this minute, this time. You are all collectors of love and every harsh word that has been said to you through out time. Do not circle through the muck and heartbreak of the past –but raise your vibration, and fly above it.    Every little splinter of injustice and every thorn of heartache has helped you to become more aware of your connection to the Light.

Every year at this time, you start visiting the ghosts of the past. I come to ask you to walk in balance.  Don’t walk down the same old crooked path — build a byway of Light over the path of thorns, and snares and pitfalls that you have walked every year at this time.  I could not live if I dwelt upon all the injustices that happened to me and those I loved.  Act as a God in the flesh, not as a human crying and reaching for God, but as a God Being who is in human form.  You keep forgetting how divine you are, how perfectly, wonderfully divine you.  Embrace all the levels of you that you have pushed away– shift the pain.  Go to the balcony of your heart, look down, and just love it all.  Love every droplet of pain that you have experienced.  It takes more God to create a Human Body then it does to create a Light Body.  Honor the God-ness of your life.  Remember that you are all heart while you are on Earth for it can be no other way.  I am Mother Mary.


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