David Wilcock – Radio Livestream Update – Dead Threat To David – 15 December 2011

This is an audio piece from American Freedom Radio. David Wilcock had received a death threat after releasing a recent article he had posted on his website. This is a developing story.


Why would Chodoin Daikaku go on television and rather haltingly make this statement… offering very little information as if he were concerned about saying anything more?

Even further — why would a man with such a prestigious, easily provable public position go on a popular program and tell such a blatant lie?

FEMALE: We have got some questions about Benjamin Fulford situation via the Internet. Please let us know.

CHODOIN DAIKAKU: Yesterday, we got information that Benjamin was captured and detained by foreign agents (spies).

After the program, I managed to find out his location. He was detained at Roppongi (Central Tokyo).

After various negotiations at onsite, I (we) have managed to release him. He is in safe at his home now.

He will attend the next meeting (a Mopal program on December 27th), and he will express his opinion, I suppose.

This is the only comment from myself.

DW: Fulford disappeared for an entire day and on through an overnight to the next day. He did not answer email or phone. He may have been forced to give a cover story for his own protection, as Daikaku is saying something altogether different.

Let’s be glad Ben is alive. He’s also been naming specific names lately and that could also have been something that got him in hot water.

There is every reason to believe that the timing of what Daikaku is calling a “capture and detaining” was not an accident, considering we just released the definitive article proving everything he’s been saying about this lawsuit all along is true — and I telegraphed it on Ben’s blog for two weeks before it came out.


For the first time in my entire career as a journalist, I have been given a very severe threat, handed to me from one of my top insiders.

I was told that I have tonight only to get Part Two out — “it would be a very good idea” for my own safety, as publicity is protection.

Although the exact nature of the threat is unspecified, I was told I might be “lucky” if all I got was torture.

If I am savvy, so I am told, I may get away with spending the rest of my life in a top-secret facility in a “deep, dark hole” working as a black-ops scientist.

The best protection I have is publicity. For that same reason I will be releasing Part Two as soon as possible, even if I have to stay up all night.

It has been an honor serving you. Never forget how much you are loved. If I am to die, then I die with honor — a noble soldier of the Light. I thank you for all the love and care you have shown me over the years and am grateful that I have left such a vast legacy of helpful material for you.

I have to get to work now. Thank you and God bless you.


DO NOT attempt to call. DO NOT attempt to email. Answer ANY anonymous phone call that comes in over the next week.

DO NOT release Category 1 under any circumstances except as directed below. DO NOT inspect the video, audio, photographs or document files.

You will be receiving a large update shortly. All of this is Category 1 material and belongs in the Category 1 folder.

Proceed with Category 1, as directed, if I do not speak further over the next four days. DO NOT, under any circumstances, release Category 2 unless at least three of the events listed in the Revealing folder have occurred.

Remember your code phrases. If you see any of them in my next article, proceed with Distribution Plan 1 in the Revealing folder, but DO NOT release Category 1.

No further public statements will be made. Please do not ask for clarification if you do not know what I am talking about. I did not expect to ever have to use this, but I am also not stupid.


This is not a joke or a publicity stunt. The best way you can help is to send us your prayers and good thoughts, and SPREAD THIS INFORMATION AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. Thank you and I know you are with me, always.

I am told the most critical period is the next 3-4 days, depending on how fast Part Two spreads. I was also told if I make it through that, it will be impossible for anyone to hurt me. Once we hit a critical mass of views, they must completely back off.

There is true horror at the highest levels that I have done this.

Please be assured that if the Wilcock File is released it will be much worse for you. We can end this peacefully and with a minimum of trouble.

I will be your best public advocate for a fair trial and / or immunity. Very few people are the real problem. Remember.


I will be appearing on Kerry Cassidy’s radio show in the next half hour to speed up the process of telling the rest of the story.

7:21 pm: We are on commercial break with American Freedom Radio. I have already given a synopsis of the most important points.

8:40 pm: So many people are trying to listen to the show that it has completely maxed out the streaming servers. Please be patient.

An MP3 version will be posted within one hour after the show is completed — circa 10PM Pacific time. We will have it up here on [David’s] blog and it will be on Project Camelot as well.

via http://www.divinecosmos.com ( could be that certain info is already removed from Davids blog but it is here still to read.

David’s interview with Kerry Cassidy

partial via http://www.shiftfrequency.com by Gilian 15th Dec. 2011

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